^ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is the fastest way to try out new customizations, or just start a new game without having to play through the introductory sequence and instructional mission.


  1. inicie Skyrim and make sure you are in the main menu.
  2. Open the console from the main menu using the tilde key (‘), or the section key (§) for Europeans.
  3. Enter the following code: coc Riverwood. This will take you to Riverwood as a predetermined north.
  4. Open your inventory and remove the iron helmet to reveal your back.
  5. Open the console again and write the following code: ShowRaceMenu and create a character.
  6. Finish the character as you normally would and press the R button to free your hands.
  7. To start the main questline, open the console one last time and type: SetStage MQ102 30.

Three side effects of this method are that you won’t be able to complete the mission of the Unbound tutorial, and for some, the good news is that Helgen will survive the dragon attack and we’ll avoid that sequence entirely.
If you go back to Helgen, you will only find that the Imperialists and the thugs between them have been murdered, turning them into a ghost town with only a few civilians following the path without doing anything. And the third will go through High Unbound, could not be presented to Civil War by Hadvar or Ralof. You will get to know them later depending on which way you have to choose.

I still don’t know if this ruined the quest for Kyne’s Sacred Trials so that Gunnar Ojo from Piedra and Haming will still be around Helgen.

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