the easiest way to get results on the job

This is one of the hardest achievements in this game, which requires teamwork.
Well, most people will think so. But there is an easy trick to do it. So it has to be done in the easiest way.

Basic knowledge

Before we go to happiness.
There are some basics you should know first.

  • While interacting with objects such as a lever, a cable, etc. It has a white outline and an instruction.

  • While standing near that object. and had no contact with him. It will have a yellow outline.

  • One thing people normally don’t know is that they can interact with an object while pressing the “Tab” button.

It has a white outline, but no instruction is displayed in it.

  • Same as when it’s close. It will have a yellow outline.

This way you can see the timer in the game and the object at the same time.

How do you do that?

  • For all. Set the target until it’s time to cut the cable.
  • Each player stays at each cable position
  • Discuss what time you all cut the cable
  • when it’s almost time. Press the “Tab” button and observe the location of the cable until a white outline appears
  • Cut the cable while holding the “Tab” button by pressing the “F” button, for example: So
  • If it works. Enhorabuena Now you immediately get the opportunities 🙂

Things to know:

  • You will have to try the timer in the game. It should be the same as an anfitrion. If not, the timer will count as abbreviation in 10 seconds, etc.
  • This achievement can be activated with any difficulty.

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