The director of Amazon Games is now in his place

Amazon Game Studios head Mike Frazzini has resigned from the American company.

According to the information Bloomberg, Frazzini reportedly explained to his team that he left the job to “focus on his family”. The directive has yet to issue a statement announcing the decision.

Ryan Jones, an Amazon portal, said “Mike has been with Amazon Games since the beginning, and his leadership and persistence has helped build the video game industry from the ground up.”

“Our recent success with New World and Lost Ark is a result of the broad, consumer-centric vision he helped establish. We are so grateful for all of his contributions and wish Mike the best.”

Unsurprisingly, a former Amazon Games executive who wished to remain anonymous assured that Frazzini was an Amazon insider with no direct experience in the video game industry, “his leadership of the division has suffered.”

Meanwhile, Amazon Games Studios and Smilegate are evaluating the option of creating a console port of the thrilling Lost Ark. Franchise head Soomin Park said that same week that “if Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans really want, I think it’s something both parties could consider,” in reference to Amazon. and Smilegate.


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