The Despertar of Galakrond, the next adventure for a Hearthstone soloist

The Descent of the Dragons, the next expansion of Hearthstone, the digital card game free to play the Blizzard entertainmentpresents the culmination of the final battle between the most powerful heroes and the most vicious villains in Azeroth. January 21stthe players will fly in The Despertaren from Galakrond, the long-awaited adventure of a soloist marking the end of the Year of the Dragon. The story unfolds over the course of two campaigns. In one of them, the players will fight their way through League of MAL to carry out the will of the archivist Raphaam and save Galakrond, the father of all dragons. On the other hand, they will guide the uninvited guest The Expeditionary Association to break MALvados planes and save the world.

The Despertar of Galakrond will be available on January 21st

The Despertaren from Galakrond is the culmination of the tram of a year duration that has developed in Hearthstone the longest of all 2019: el The year of the dragon. The Despertaren from Galakrond there is also a return to the original single-player adventure format in which players will perform a series of unique encounters against bosses using pre-conceived ideas to create 35 new trading cards. Once obtained, these cards will be able to add to the masses of standard and save modes, which will provide new and fun opportunities to transform the metaphor. To complete the story mode with League of MAL and League of Expeditionaries, players will unlock the heroic mode, which allows them to face the more difficult versions of the encounters with their own mazes consisting of each collection card.

“The Year of the Dragon has been a dynamic and emotional experience for Hearthstone with several expansions that have changed the game, an ambitious year-long history and a series of features and updates that have transformed the rice game – confirmed J. Allen Brack, President of Blizzard Entertainment -. The Despertaren from Galakrond it will bring us the epic design that deserves this story for a year and we will have a lot of luck sharing it with the whole world ”.

The Despertaren from Galakrond consists of four separate parts, which Iran will launch each week from 21 January. Each of them is divided between one chapter for the League of MAL and another for the League of Expeditionaries, meaning that the adventure features eight chapters in total. Each part can be purchased individually for € 6.99 or for 700 games of gold, but you can also get the whole package for € 19.99. The first part, The Battle of Costa Helada, will be available on January 21, and all players will be able to enjoy the history of the MAL League in form for free to get four new cards and complete. For a limited time, players who purchase the complete package will receive a golden classic envelope along with the complete adventure.

Get ready for the definitive clash between League of Expeditionaries and League of MAL!

Our heroes managed to destroy the planes League of MAL in Uldum, but the thieves did not go empty-handed. Archivist Rafaam and his band have been moved to heaven on the frozen baldíos of the Cementerio de Dragones to launch the true master plan for Rafaam: Save the Originator of All Dragons, Galakrond! Azeroth’s only hope is The Expeditionary Association, who returns to book a spectacular aerial duel with the fate of the gaming world. Survive the sky with the MAL League y Expeditionary alliance in a battle with rifles, magic blankets, robots powered by weights and many draws in the new adventure for a solo player of Hearthstone, El Despertar de Galakrond ™.


¡The Despertaren from Galakrond is the largest battlefield that Azeroth has known, and the emotional end to the story of the Year of the Dragon! Will the Expeditionary Force be able to recapture the city and detain Archivillano Rafaam in time? Will the MAL League get away with it? We will know soon!


The Despertaren from Galakrond puts the golden brooch on the extraordinary story of the Year of the Dragon with a series of battles against devilishly funny leaders. Players will be able to win 35 new trading cards from a small set of Dragon’s years (four of them legendary) and completes the whole adventure. These are new maps, among those that exist Air event y Great lacaya Erkh, is designed to complement and replicate the fun game mechanics that have been implemented during Dragon Year. The cards are available on The Despertaren from Galakrond can be used in standard and secure formats.

The Despertaren from Galakrond it develops as long as four chapters … but all stories have two versions! As many as the MAL League as Expeditionaries will have their own campaign, each with 12 meetings against bosses, so there will be a total of 24 individual meetingsContains an air duel where players will encounter cannons and launchers to take control of the sky!

You can play the adventure in two ways: i history state and in heroic way. In the first you will use mazos built with minimalism. In the second, you can open a path to history using mazos from your own collection.

The Despertaren from Galakrond consists of four chapters which is published weekly, with versions for League of MAL and for Expeditionaries. Two stories to play in an epic adventure. Two for one!

The Despertaren from Galakrond Letters of replacement (35 in total) Price (€) Lunch deal
Chapter I: The Battle of the Ice Coast
MAL League League Campaign
4 cards from the MAL League It is free! 21st of January
Chapter I: The Battle of the Ice Coast
–Campaña de la Liga de Expedicionarios–
7 maps from League of Expeditionaries € 6.99 or 700 gold 21st of January
Chapter II: The two campaigns 4 cards from League of MAL y
4 maps from League of Expeditionaries
€ 6.99 or 700 gold January 28th
Chapter III: The Two Campaigns 4 cards from League of MAL y
4 maps from League of Expeditionaries
€ 6.99 or 700 gold February 4th
Chapter IV: The two campaigns 4 cards from League of MAL y
4 maps from League of Expeditionaries
€ 6.99 or 700 gold February 11th


The first chapter of the MAL League campaign, La Batalla de la Costa Helada, will be available in all forms free of charge from 21 January. The following chapters of the MAL League and Expeditionaries promotions will be able to unlock individually for 700 gold (or € 6.99) or all in one launch package for € 19.99. Players will also be able to vote The Despertaren from Galakrond (on offer today and for a limited time) to get the complete adventure and a classic gold envelope for € 19.99.

The Despertaren from Galakrond will be available in Hearthstone for all platforms from January 21, 2020.

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