The Descent of the Dragons is the next expansion to reach Hearthstone next to Battlefields

Blizzard entertainment has announced today The Descent of the Dragonsa 135-card stratospheric expansion for its exciting, free-to-play digital card game, Hearthstone. The final epic about the first tram in a year in Hearthstone closes on December 10th; in it, players will arm themselves with draconian fire and even have the opportunity to transform into Galakrond, the most powerful dragon in Warcraft’s history.

The year of the dragon began with El Auge de las Sombras, the presentation card of the MAL League, an obscure organization led by the infamous archivist Rafaam. In Salvadores de Uldum, the villains were threatened with the release of an apocalypse, but the players united in the Expeditionary League to save the world. Nu, da The Descent of the Dragonsthe forces of good and evil are confronted once and for all by means of dragons … many dragons.

The League of MAL plans to decipher the ruins of Azeroth, who revives Galakrond, the father of all dragons; as Hearthstone you can play in different forms as a set of five new hero cards. Available in the five classes of MAL (priest, piercer, shaman, witch and warrior), Galakrond assumes the form corresponding to each class, with a battle cry and a unique heroic power.

Hechizos and esbirros are grown with the new keyword Convocar will activate the effect of Galakrond’s heroic power. To use it repeatedly, we will improve Galakrond to convert it into one of its two forms with increasing strength. The most powerful is Galakrond the End of Azeroth, which enters the game with a four times stronger battle cry and a formidable sword attack. The players of Hearthstone that starts a session when it leaves* The Descent of the Dragons will receive the five hero cards from Galakrond for free.

The intrepid druids, hunters, magicians and paladins will be able to advance in front of the power of Galakrond or bravely prepare to face their fate and complete the newcomers secondary missionswhich offer varied and accessible goals for the start of the game with their corresponding rewards.

Revealed Letters of the Descent of the Dragons

“We constantly love exploring new ideas with Hearthstonefrom a historic epicenter a year ago to introducing new and fun forms of play – said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment -. The Descent of the Dragons is a faithful reflection of that quest; we believe that the players will make it big with the new cards, as well as with the new techniques that we have implemented in this expansion ”.

Until the launch, players can buy two packs of cards from The Descent of the Dragons: one with 60 covers that includes a golden legendary card of The Descent of the Dragons and the back of the card “El estrago”; and the general mega-pack of over 100, which includes the previous items and the new war hero Alamuerte. These packages are for sale for € 49.99 and € 79.99 respectively (and you can only buy one per account).

Prepare for the battlefields

Blizzard also announced Battlefields of Hearthstone, a whole new way of playing. Battlefields of Hearthstone it is a tumultuous battle for eight players and 24 unique heroes, where players pick up sharply, position themselves strategically and observe how they fight for victory.

It is a free game mode and is designed as a separate experience that you use Hearthstone as a base, but it does not require the construction or maintenance of a collection of cards. Battlefields of Hearthstone will be available worldwide when the beta begins, Tuesday, November 12th.

Starting from The Descent of the Dragonsthe whole world can access Battlefields for free Hearthstone. Players will be able to unlock optional features to purchase cards from the latest expansion (from The Descent of the Dragons), now for free, with gold or real money. With the purchase of 10 envelopes, you get the opportunity to provoke or communicate with your opponents through colorful emoji; with 20 to choose from three different leaders instead of two at the beginning of each game; and if the number of envelopes reaches 30, envelopes will unlock the ability to communicate with their rivals using a visual gesture system.

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