The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark – Complete tutorial and 100% performance guide

Complete video tutorials for each episode + descriptions of all the performances that can be missed.

Guide to the complete shelter

Disappeared, found on the dark side


  • Pay attention to details: When you arrive at the interruption station for the first time, straighten the door before closing it with a police lock. You will see a ghost and you will get a fortune.
  • Wisdom Finder: click repeatedly on the cake tin and on the mechanical screen until you have received all your various tips. 10-15 times each should be enough.

crepuscular years


  • Busy Body: click on all the articles on Nanny Dooley’s shelves.
  • Resource codes: get lots of tea bags / sandwiches in and out of Nanny Dooley’s room once and for all. Activated for me at 22 of each (11 entrances to the living room). Others report up to 30 each to get the odds.

Druid delicacy


  • Learn new tricks for an old dog: give the manzana to the dog. This is done before cutting, but it can also work after cutting.
  • Well, well, well: after activating the launch sequence, see the pozo. Humor will rise from him. Click on the bottom of the scroll and click on the dialog box.

Goodbye to the Amusement Park


  • Bum Ride: After moving the elephant, click on the clown’s car again.
  • Unwanted dinner guest: In the cluttered house, choose 3 mirrors, then 1 and then 1.

pifia genuine


  • Play with fire: Click on the demon 5 times while interviewing him.
  • Casamentero: after entering the archive at the back office, the permanent fighter will appear outside. On this screen, talk to El Doolio and then talk to a seated wrestler.

class of titans


  • Great for school: click on the poster on the left side of the store.
  • Slender Fan: listen to the band’s 3 songs. Click on the band before you talk to Timeloop (song about the dogs), after we find out about the monster, but before you need manijas from the doors (song about two heads), and finally after you need manijas de las doors (song about the eyes).
  • The Boys Are Back in Town: watch full credit after episode 6.

No specific episode

  • Man Trader: Click McQueen 50 times in total
  • Time Cop: Get all the flashbacks from Dooley. Tuve is depressing in episode 5.
  • Heavy Petting: Peting all the animals in the game. Get this in section 5 with mangosteen. There is also the cat in the apartment in section 1 and the foca and the dog in section 3.

Lecture reading

  • Section 1: in the archives of old cases under McQueen’s office in his apartment.
  • Episode 2 – In the Old Man’s Room, one of the pictures on the wall.
  • Episode 3 – Below in the mansion, in Larder, the poster on montaplatos.
  • Section 4 – Butterfly cover outside the messy house.
  • Episode 5: on the first screen of the episode, the poster on the table.
  • Episode 6 – Gray Taquilla outside the Science Laboratory, behind Bender. There is a return in time to access.

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