The creators of 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault present A Highland Song

The independent studio Inkle, responsible for titles like 80 Days or Heaven’s Vault, has officially unveiled its next game, A Highland Song.

Its launch is scheduled “soon” on Nintendo Switch and PC, and will be a narrative adventure mixed with elements of rhythm and 2D platforms, in which we will follow the adventure of Moira McKinnon, a girl who, after having lived almost all her life in one living on the coasts of Scotland, making a trip to visit his uncle.

The project may look like you, because it’s not exactly a big secret. Inkle periodically shares its production progress by your blogalthough it was only today that it was officially presented to society.

The Highland Song will feature “hand-drawn animation, impressionist-style backgrounds and dynamic lighting and climatology effects, along with a soundtrack composed by Laurence Chapman and performed by Scottish folk groups such as Talisk or Fourth Moon.

Let’s continue the trailer of this promising new game:


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