The common sound sport “Yoshigaki venture” is canceled attributable to harassment at a degree that pulls you down…

■ From Twitter

Many congratulatory feedback had been posted on the message wall, and I believed the venture was a terrific success…

Bundle! Garupa 6th Anniversary Fan Fest Card Image related to his message wall harassment stop-02
Bundle! Garupa 6th Anniversary Fan Fest Card Image related to his message wall harassment stop-03

Some customers trolled and the message writing venture was canceled…

This is horrible

I can not forgive you

Baki’s home

It’s actually too chilly 🥺
Even although it is the sixth anniversary… that is why folks say it is dangerous for folks…

No matter what, the man who did that is too dangerous
doubt humanity

I do not actually know what’s enjoyable about this type of factor, so I’m dwelling in a unique world

It’s a pity that you just solely take into consideration your self
Not a fan, it is a bummer

I’m positive it wasn’t cherished by anybody, it is actually uncomfortable

There was a subject like this within the early days of Bandori, reminiscent of being crushed throughout a dwell efficiency or one thing like that.
Why are these nasty folks gathering

What had been the workers doing? Couldn’t you cease it immediately?

This is horrible.It’s too pitiful for customers who’re purely having fun with it…
Husband who doesn't do it, man crying

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