The Civil Guard is blocking 23 download sites

Among those affected are the popular Gamestorrent and Divxtotal

The Civil Guard has announced the start of a campaign aimed at “block web pages from downloading copyrighted content and disseminate the same through links on P2P networks”. The operation still underway under the name “Cascada”, has started with block of 23 web pages dedicated to the distribution of illegal movies, series, music and games.

According to the official note published by the Civil Guard, “most of the sites surveyed account for some very high daily visitor indexes, some of which are the most well-known and used in our country”. Among the sites that were blocked by the forces of order during the first part of the operation, stand out “because of its antiquity and prestige among users”, or, among many others.

The Department of Telematics Crime in the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard indicates that these domains were created at the beginning by a person of Spanish origin who made the sale of the same to a company established in Argentina which is currently owned and operated by the same. The administrators of these sites have used various methods to avoid closing or blocking the same, such as hiding the correct location of their servers and the registration data of the agreed domains, including the constant change of location of their servers in different countries. .

He also added that “cases were discovered where the domains were previously legally blocked, they were reactivated at some point, with names of domains that are virtually identical or even changed the extension of the same. In this way, though several consecutive blocks are realized, they are able to “launch” web pages in a very short time ”.

For this reason, it has been seen that it is necessary to implement a number of measures that tend to provoke a total block of the same, much more effective and definitive, we currently find inaccessible web pages or lack of download links.

Despite the fact that no numbers are offered, it is confirmed that the damage caused by the download and distribution of this material “large financial losses for the companies that produce and distribute the same”.

Resumes everything for those who do not understand well, have just used one IP block for Spain on this web. If you use a VPN, the pages will continue to function smoothly. We hope that on another occasion more serious action will be taken before a press release is issued to apply a regional restriction which is easily skipped.

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