The Binding of Isaac: Arrepentimiento – Guía del jefe final

The Guide to Repentance for the People “No, seriously, this is the ultimate leader of the truth this time.”

If you judged Antibirth before people saw it play, Repentance is basically that, but officially.

Without a doubt, there is only one courage that really worked as they added and they did it right, there is also another way that they added. (So ​​there you have it that will be spoilers for this other way, so you know, just a message).

Anti-birth route unlocking conditions

All you have to do is come to Hush 3 times.

It’s easier to say that it does given that it has 6666 HP and resistance to damage.


Compared to Antibirth, the fragments to acquire the parts are different. In addition, you should only get 2 instead of 3.

This guide shows you how to get both.

Ah, and “The Mother’s Shadow.” The escape sequence is easier to play as The Lost or Azazel because they have natural escape. Arriving at Corpse is more or less like it was in Antibirth.

That but official witness

It is now called “Mother”, and the space where it is torn to pieces is small compared to how it was originally. Phase 1 is basically the same as The Witness, but it will sometimes require a bunch of sad boquiabiertos or a projectile fistula to play tennis with.

Phase 2 starts as a custom, but getting rid of a varnish of green sulfur soaked during the transition, so if you are used to spreading forward, is a surprise.

It is also said that the sulfur lashes made the room bigger, and now there is a load movement that rises and falls before hitting with the force of the mother’s great grace.

The other new movement that does that is a SUCC that absorbs feedback before it goes into resolution. The only movement that is not there in phase 2 is the spiral-anti-glare that it had, but suppose it is because the space is too small for it to be just that.

In addition, the same Mega Stan does not have a health bar, but has 2222 HP according to Bestiario.

Without restrictions, the Chaos Card works that way. but just take a step down.

TAMBIÉN TAMBIÉN, visit it for the first time to open the new street meant with a strange door.

How to open the special door in Depths / Necropolis / Dank Depths II

Coloque Polaroid, the colorless Polaroid bar or the negative at the door in the upper part of the boot. There will always be a specially marked calaver somewhere on the floor that will always contain a Loco card so you can return to it.

The door leads to a special version of the Mausoleum or Gehenna II, which contains a shop and a room with goods if you want something more and have extra money. Although it does not have a leader at the end, it does have an element called “dad’s note”.

Do we need more depth?

When you receive the Pope’s note, rewrite the floors for those who have passed in reverse order. You will also receive a heart filled with damage, as if it were a wound or a corpse, so be careful with that. Additionally, you will sometimes encounter improved versions of previous enemies as you travel upward, which will require more damage to defeat. Ah, and the first time you retire, once you have started Repentance, you can hear the sound of Isaac’s fathers fighting. Your goal in this part of the game, once you have achieved this goal, is to return to the starting space of Sótano 1, where a light shines, where does that lead you?

Hi mom, I’m home!

If you manage to cross the floors in the same order, you will be taken back to Isaac’s house, where he and his mother live, which is located on a small hill.

Like the blue uterus, it is relatively small compared to everything else, but you have a bed and a coffin where you start so you can regain the health you have lost and get an item or consumables if you wish.

When you arrive at mom’s room and open the big box that looks like a larger version of mom’s box that is genera baratijas, the first time the door unlocks the red key is very fun and adventurous Antibirth.

You can also use the red table in the living room under the mother’s room on the porch, where there is a red outline. What has that door so you can ask?

The Red Room in the Home Secret: Are You?

If you use the red screen where the contour is in the house, there is a different version of the person you are playing with. So yes, there are some alternative versions of characters with their own peculiarities and tricks to play.

There is also a consumer version of the red Llave called Llave Rota, which you can get by leaving a baratija in an object room or in the boss’s room when you start the ascent to the house with other characters.

If it works like the Alt version of the characters, you only get one merchant like in the secret rooms.

Now that this special data is out of the way, if you go to mom’s bed, you’ll get a special dream sequence where things stay static after a rat and things are dark except for a few twists on the television.

What follows is fighting a boss that is low, including the standards of this game, and that’s said something because some of the things in this game are really rare.


When you face the television at home after sleeping in mom’s bed. You will be greeted by a feto raro and a monstrous aesthetic fact known as Dogma.

Its attacks, the health bar, and the presentation of the boss’s introduction are also statistically backwards, as if it were not for a giant WTF moment just by description.

The tears that go away from being normal in the Deity until the technological tears disappear when they stop. It also has a slate of sulfur that bends towards you and will deform to follow if you try to escape. Also static liquid is just below it.

Do not try to attack it directly in phase 1, it will not work. Simply destroy the television in this part, it may take some time due to hell of static sand, but boom, it is phase 1 finished.

Now phase 2 at another side

When the dogma of television breaks, it basically becomes a biblically accurate angel of TV Static. And it has the ability to be directly damaged, but also receives more serious attacks, such as spinning like a slice and spreading feathers, for example. also gets a superior version of the angel’s light beam attack which attacks in several directions.

So, after actually turning it on, you get a scene where it looks like an old television. It seems like the end of this new road, really?

Well, no thanks. Not yet!

The truth about the truth is the last boss in this game

When it comes to Dogma, you get an item of the same name before this last tram. (And also a reasonably orderly scene).

but before that fight

You will have to fight against the “Ultra” versions of the 4 jinetes. Its attacks are mostly the same as their regular versions, only “ultra”. Although War is triggered when it reaches Phase 2, Death can summon Ultra Death Heads, which then obscures the screen where its guadaña is used. Although it has a red eye as an indication of where it is as a warning. Ultra Death also has a phase instead of 2, so it will pass through the same 3 attacks.

They also have an animation to do before confronting Isaac, Death’s is probably the best because he makes face palms when the other 3 fall.

It must also be said that when it comes to this game, the game gets 2D and returns and has a sacred cloak effect, the flight and HM is what the “Dogma” element does. also partially cured if the health is sufficiently low.

But there are no more examples …

The final boss is here, of course

This is the Beast. Like Delirium before, it has 10,000 HP, and the Chaos Card does nothing. It will charge up to you 75% of the time and you will have to avoid stalagmites and stalactites in these moments.

Ah, and it has 3 phases. When it finishes pursuing Phase 1, the SUCC disappears 8 times. Take a break, don’t worry. Without a doubt, you should be preoccupied with Ultimate Brimstone that once you have finished inhaling, the only way to get rid of it is by going up.

No, seriously, Brimstone, which will disappear, is SuperSized as the SS4 Gogeta x100 BBK in FighterZ.

The pursuit of Phase 2 will run stationary and fire fire or weapons when done, and only fire balls to shoot up to when done. comes in at about 50% of HP.

When phase 3 hits 33% of its 10,000 health, it will only carry you, but it will eventually show some damage. symbolized by sharpened breasts, closed eyes and some injuries to the body.

When The Beasts HP reaches 0, an Uber version of Crack The Sky hits it and the last game is played.

Does the Chaos Card do anything about The Beast?

No no. Ice cream in one of the Ultra Heralds instead.

(This is in case someone lost it in the previous section)

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