the best skills, stats and gems to level up

Did you just start with Diablo Immortal, but do you already know that you just want to hit the demons in the face with your thousand fists? This game is early Construction of Diablo’s Immortal Monkey had to level it up to 60 hours as fast as you might expect for a first race.

Diablo Immortal has a world that is big enough and tons of evil to destroy. This may make you ask what is the best way to approach them and what movements will work for the class brave enough to confront them with cheeky hands. This compilation will guide you through what to do at the beginning of the game and how to prepare for when the game gets harder, hoping to pave the way for an exciting move towards the final stages of the game.

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Diablo Immortal Monk Build: The best skills to level up


Trueno harness
Flying Kick (replay with Mystic Strike whenever possible)
The gulf of seven sides
Golpe de ola

To begin with, The Knights of the Throne is a solid base attack that will transport you to nearby enemies and inflict damage. The telecommunications transport has a recurring count of three seconds, but it is strong enough to synchronize correctly. Then you can use your latest, Lightning Flux, to do more damage and develop a shield.

Seven-Sided Strike is one of the first abilities that can inflict AOE damage instantly on your surroundings. So Flying Kick is another solid skill that throws you a lot. It can be played with Mystic Strike later that it also sends you forward, but this is a much more mobile ability than Flying Kick.

Cyclone Strike is a necessary skill that will attack all your enemies and adjust them to one big blow. You can combine this with Mystic Strike to scare and cause damage.

Finally, Wave Strike is an excellent option that inflicts damage and pushes enemies forward. You can leave when you are in trouble, or start a fight when you are not.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build: the best legendary battle passes

The battlefield is a great way to get new interesting equipment and some bonuses for your character. It may take time to get there, but it pays off when you do.

With the monk, you would have to review the Ojo de la Tormenta, increase Cyclone Bay radio and eliminate recycling time. It is a soluble form to give a soluble area ability with even better results.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build: best stats for teams and gems




Dano, Fuerza, Fortaleza Force, Fortaleza Topaz (resistance), sapphire (armor boligraph), tourmaline (damage)

For the monk, the best stats are those centered on Force, followed by Fortaleza. This will allow them to stay in the fight for longer and eliminate more enemies when they do.

When you say this, you generally do not have to worry too much about the properties that measure below the level. The team arrives with so much frequency that it is usually best to rely on brute force and injury.

Strength and endurance are the means by which you should maximize your abilities to the extent that you get closer to the late game.

The best legendary gems for monster in Diablo Immortal

Priority of legendary gemas

eternal pain
Colmillo Ferviente
Ojo they berserk

To improve almost all of your important stats, Everlasting Torment is an excellent legendary game, and well worth restoring yourself. This is necessary in almost any class you choose to play.

Thereafter, Fervant Fang is a major damage recovery that only continues to accumulate over time. If you want to eliminate an elite enemy, give a good boost and it is one of the best high priority gems in the game.

Finally, Berserker’s Eye is an important gem that will increase your damage production significantly, at the expense of getting a little more back. If you can allow luxury to get a little more damage, it will greatly benefit from all its impulses.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build – Model remnants and best tricks

Model page


Vencedor damage, cell

Since model scratches tend to be part of the end of the game, we really do not want to touch them too much here, but we should look for Daño and Fervor from the beginning.

This will increase your damage production to a base level and give you a small temporary advantage for every enemy you destroy. If you can turn them around and remove some joints, you can get a big increase in the damage.

With all this in mind, you should be able to face Diablo Immortal from the beginning and prepare well when it reaches the end of the game.

As the game continues to evolve and things get better, our guides will be updated with them. If you want to play it right now with a controller, see our Diablo Immortal controller support guide.

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