the best release of The Pink Blob so far

Kirby always felt like a Nintendo franchise offering something more. The wide variety of jugability that Kirby’s inherent verticality offers and its ability to absorb enemies only has its parallels in Super Mario Odyssey’s Cappy, but a strict reliance on 2D platforms meant that it never reached its potential. Especially in the Switch era, the pink mancha has mostly been limited to free games or platform games other than the same as Kirby Star Allies. So let me know that Kirby and the Forgotten Land is one of the best Switch games.

Yes, HAL Laboratories has arrived a lot in Forgotten Land, with a new perspective that completely unravels the classic Kirby formula. Not surprisingly, it was the kind of mess in the arm that the series needed, and it gave a sip of fresh air thanks to its modernization of the Kirby technique that we all know and love. Beyond a relatively incoherent story and unbalanced collaboration, it’s just a test of how well Kirby adapts to 3D platforms, but it’s a game that competes with Super Mario Odyssey at the forefront of Switch’s own production.

If you’ve never played a Kirby game before, then it’s a perfectly compatible way to get into the franchise that gives you many opportunities to fall in love with the character. For our fans, it’s an opportunity to finally see the flying pink completely reach its maximum potential, in a style that makes the future of the series even more exciting. Despite its name, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is an entrance you will not forget in the short space.

A story to forget?

As the saying goes, the story of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a bit basic, but it does more than that. Kirby simply occupies its own events on Planet Popstar and is remorsefully absorbed by a force that escapes a return to a world that resembles The Last of Us more than Nintendo’s typical tariff. From scoundrels in ruins to streets covered in mud, this new world is a place destined for almost all life, and it depends on Kirby to find out exactly what happened.

It is without a doubt easier to say how to do it because one has to travel through many individual worlds to reach the bottom of the forgotten land of the same name. HAL Laboratories does a fantastic job of varying the biomass they want to explore, with some desert levels containing dangerous underground peaks and levels of volcanic eruptions where each leap must be accurate. The game is pretty simple with its narrative, instead of reconstructing the story behind these abandoned malls, monsters, strange bosses, etc.

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This breakthrough in the development of its history is one of the few false steps in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The first two acts are almost completely lost in an explicit narrative, except for Kirby’s general narrative impulse that must leap through each biome to save the missing Waddle-Dees. Everything rises once towards the end, to the point that you reach the last legs of the chiefs and you face a lot of exposure.

The most misleading thing is that the story rhythms that will not be staged here are quite interesting. Immerse yourself in the psyche behind some of the villains and the general prophecies that nurture Kirby’s continuity. It’s a pain that gets stuck with a shovel at the last minute, to the point where it finally feels pretty memorable. Kirby and the Forgotten Lands is almost always impeccable, but its superficial narrative and clumsy narrative is certainly a crown.

a mouthful

Unfortunately, almost everything else in the game compensates with some growths that are easily overtaken. The game is a classic Kirby experience in 2D, transferred to a 3D plane, as it explodes through worlds of decent-sized centers battling a series of cute enemies, finding lost Waddle-Dees and absorbing objects that can be transformed into a pink quite.

Yes, the main advertising stunt before the launch of this game was the long awaited Modo Bocado, and did not respond. There is a huge amount of objects that Kirby can absorb and then incarnate to gain her powers. Some of them are just as memorable as the car, allowing you to ease through more open areas in some really fun counter-race racing. There are also tips that allow you to explore the area at the agro level to uncover new areas, stairs to help you access hidden areas and even more that appear organically as you progress in the game. . It’s an ingenious way to develop Kirby’s skills, and now it’s hard to imagine a new game in French that does not take these skills even faster. Much more than a simple trick to allow platforms a little more variety, it’s a real game changer for the future of the series.

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The good news is that the platforms in Kirby and the Forgotten Land are equally good, and some of the best you will find on Switch. Acquisitions are mechanically hidden and require you to plan what Modo bocado skills you may need. Similarly, the secondary goal at each level is to find the hidden Waddle-Dees, which only requires you to eat out of the box, carefully explore hidden areas, or use your skills in ways that the game does not want you to eat. Combine it with some high-octane paints against the enemy’s snares, and you’ll have a game cycle that is consistently fast and entertaining.

The switch at its best

The switch is not known for its graphical fidelity or processing power, but Kirby and the Forgotten Land make excellent use of the hardware. In fact, it’s one of the most attractive games on the system, with vibrant colors and landscapes that shine just as much in a portable way as it does. There have been several occasions where, as I begin a level and slowly progress to the area I am exploring, I have been amazed at the beauty that these worlds can see. Recent Switch games, such as Rune Factory 5, have shown that Switch is sometimes not at the height of the task of performing games with intensive graphics, but Kirby handles it well.

Without restrictions, not everything is perfect, especially when the areas start to fill up with enemies. The speed of surface photography can be very consistent at 60 FPS, but enemies and moving objects, such as wind turbines, often lose performance when displayed from a distance. A monster that can occasionally get a single tooth at the end of the game, and although the game does not break in any way, it is certainly distracting. It’s without a doubt a smaller, great getaway for how Switch can still run the best games five years after launch.

shoots with a friend

What’s also quite impressive is how you and a friend can play together Kirby and the Forgotten Land. After completing some initial missions, unlock the opportunity to play locally with a friend, with one of you controlling Kirby and the other Waddle-Dee. Playing in cooperative mode brings some of the most emotional moments in the game as it coordinates the strategy of fighting bosses and trying to overcome obstacles synchronously.

The only downside is that the co-op is very unbalanced and, as expected, fairly centered in Kirby. Instead of being able to play with a friend, only one of you can take advantage of the powers of Kirby’s Mouth Mode by using weapons like swords, hammers and boomerangs. Are you a teammate without a break? They get caught like a humble Waddle-Dee who has that feeling except for a shot. It does not mean becoming a car, not incarnating a cone and not absorbing new skills to the extent that they emerge. It’s definitely a missed opportunity and makes the game a little less exciting for someone like Waddle-Dee.

Veredicto – 8/10

None of these little things are enough to keep you from the sheer joy of playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It is one of the best 3D platform games of recent times and occupies a whole new territory so that France can expand into the future. If the story is a bit disorganized, the magician rejoices in justice, the design of the world and the characters compensate with growing doubt elsewhere. If you are looking for a colorful adventure, there is not much better than this.

After years of feeling its potential has never been reached, Kirby and the Forgotten Land are the type of triumph that defines Nintendo’s signature blob series. Kirby has finally got his Super Mario Galaxy, his Sonic Mania, his Star Fox 64. And I’m fascinated by that.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch. The editor provided a code.

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