The best places to visit in Fortune’s Keep

When season 3 is coming to an end, Warzone players will change their mood at the start of season 4. The next season of the Pacific era will see Butcher arrive as operator along with a new Battle Pass featuring 100 levels of content that players can unlock.

The main content displayed is the Fortune’s Keep card, which is likely to replace Rebirth Island as the alternative to the Caldera. While players are trying to determine if Fortune’s Keep is bigger than Rebirth Island, some are already trying to determine if best places to visit Fortune’s Keep.

Although players will not be in action for several days, a short trailer will show some of the points of interest (PDI) on the map. That being said, these are the best places to return to the start of a Fortune’s Keep party.

The best places to visit in Fortune’s Keep

Fortune’s Keep presents 12 different points of interest that contain many areas to explore along with a large amount of buttons that allow you to start the party with your foot forward.

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A trailer launched on June 14 highlights several notable areas ranging from a city filled with buildings to an abandoned warehouse with a mix of open spaces and multi-storey buildings.


The city is located on the western side of the island and houses buildings of various sizes. Although there are quite a few buttons hidden in the interior, there are many reasons why campers stay, which means you can arrive before your departure ends prematurely if you decide to stop here.

Given the risk, the potential to find enough effective to buy a Loadout Drop is very attractive. Intends to find a strong ground button to confront any potential opponent while looking for some money early.


With numerous wine cellars and multi-storey buildings to explore, the Bodega will also result in a popular PDI. The winery is located east of Fortune’s Keep and is more central, allowing fast rotations to any part of the map.

Considering that the abandoned wine cellars are dark and gloomy areas, it is possible to find some hidden secrets that could be related to one of the many Easter eggs that appear on the island.


For those who prefer a little extra time to figure it out, without more players trying to get away, Bay could be the perfect place to stop. This apartment beach is located on the northwest corner of Fortune’s Keep and has a small island that can accommodate many boxes of orange supplies with a high level button inside.

There is always the option to run with one or two players, but it is much easier to get up and down to save if things get too hot to handle.

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Keep it

The fourth and final place we recommend to stay is Keep. As one of Fortune’s Keep’s biggest points of interest, the huge building is perfect for those who want to jump right into the action.

I hope a lot of players get here, so make sure to land on the roof or consider finding an SMG to shoot fast or a battle rifle as soon as possible to avoid an early elimination.

These are the best Fortune’s Keep landing sites to use in the early stages of Warzone season 4. As the season progresses, we will update the article if there is a change in the meta.

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