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The Fire Ring has a ridiculously large map that you can explore with tons of beautiful sights and hostile enemies. If you want to be able to approach these enemies to achieve more serene prospects, you will have to raise a lot of money to get up in level. Here they are best places we have found for molar runas in the Elden Ring.

The best places to hang out in the Fire Ring

First of all, it is important to mention that this is a to-do list. To the extent that we discover that several areas are great places to mow, we will add them to this guide. The two things we have in mind are the amount of damage you get when you kill enemies, compared to the time it takes to clear an area. It is also important that there is now a place of grace near the feeding place.

Trols and Limgrave

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From now on, this is probably the best place to look for places according to the Elden Ring principle. If Margit strikes you with her cane, then you’d like to head to Warmaster’s Shack (see map above) in Limgrave to find Sitio de Gracia closest to the dining area.

Just be careful when approaching Warmaster’s Shack. During the day there will be a trader named Caballero Bernahl who sells a lot of physical war games. Not surprisingly, a strong chief known as the Bell Bearing Hunter shows up at the same place during the night. Its attack bosses are pretty simple, but it’s better to avoid this boss while intending to get rid of Runas. Only rest until tomorrow if necessary.

After leaving the Sitio de la Gracia in the Cabaña del Señor de la Guerra, head straight south and you will find an open field with five trolls. You should be able to meet them one at a time if you do not get too close to one of the other trolls while fighting. Your attacks are easy enough to avoid. Just run between his feet for something that is not a pisoton. Each enemy will give you 1000 hits for a total of 5000 in just a few minutes. Quick trip back to the cabaña and repeat.

Like the Cabaña of the Lord of War at night, the field with these trolls grows into another little chief at night. In that field you will see a troll on the left side of the fence that is next to the ruins. If you go to the ruins at night, the dead can appear. There are also some murmurs roaming through this area at night, so keep an eye on them.

Lama cars and llamas in Caelid

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This venue is just off the map of Elden Ring in Caelid. The dining area here is right next to the Sitio de Gracia de las Ruinas de Caelem (see above). Here you will find several buildings in ruins full of corpses. Some of the corpses will be revived and will start following if you get too close. Huye, when you first start crossing your arms, it means that the Cadáver in llamas is about to explode.

These enemies will give you some tricks, but the main event here is Flame Chariots. These enemies look like giant oxidized copper heads with bullets and slings installed in their mouths and ears. One note suggests attacking the chimney at the top of the head, but the easiest way to eliminate them is to avoid their attack while traveling in Torrent. Then hide behind the enemy and attack the firefighter driving the car.

This place will give you a lot of trolls that are very similar to the trolls in Limgrave. Each wagon loads about 1600 Runas and the burning corpses will complete the rest. This area may take a minute or more than the trolls, but it’s still a cool method if you do not want to spend a lot of time in Limgrave. Sometimes a change in the scenario can make the routine feel less monotonous.

Use of elements during the meeting

It is also important to keep in mind that there are elements in the game that can increase the amount of Runas you get to defeat bosses and enemies. The golden squash leg and the golden squash are elements that can improve your running routine. The foot is a somewhat red consumable, and the Gold Scarab Talisman is a uniquely equipped talisman of its kind.

that’s all The best places to paint Runas in the Fire Ring as we know until now. For more great guides on this game, just consult our wiki guide.

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