The best JAK-12 Warzone equipment

It is possible that the defenders in Warzone do not control the metaphor as a way of doing it, but they can still give a big blow when they are close to an opponent.

JAK-12 is very similar to the iconic AA-12 from Modern Warfare 2, and with season 3 of Warzone Pacific on the horizon, many players can regain that confidence while continuing to win at Caldera and Rebirth Island.

With the number of additional files that can be equipped, it can be complicated to determine which JAK-12 add-ons are best. To avoid misunderstandings, we have found the best combination of accessories and the best charge of JAK-12 to use!

What is the best load of JAK-12 Warzone?

With a number of additional files to choose from in the armor, determining the best JAK-12 Warzone add-ons can be complicated. Fortunately, we have found a set of five that dominates body-to-body fights. See the complete list of adjacent files to continue.

Added file


Bozal FORGE TAC Merodeador
Barril Torrent ZLR J-3600
Locks Laser of 5 mW
Magazine 20 round drum loaders
Agarre trasero Cinta de agarre punteada

This combination of accessories is perfect for inflicting large amounts of damage with minimal effort. The extra precision provided by the paint ensures that high levels of precision are maintained when separated from the frame.

General description of JAK 12 Warzone

Multi-player shortcut metajuego and war zone changes with frequency, and players select a variety of meters and other shields to inflict maximum damage by approaching the enemy.

Unlocked after reporting three victims from the frame using snipers in seven different games, the JAK-12 comes with a deadly combination of high damage and high mobility, making it an impressive weapon in small multi-player Rebirth cards.

With a battery charger, agar tape and loose accessories, the JAK-12 is extremely easy to use, and thanks to its excellent damage production and maneuverability statistics, it is very easy to apply a tool life.

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The best adjacent files of JAK-12 Warzone

Here are the best Warzone-related files to equip:

  • Bozal: FORGE TAC Merodeador
  • Barril: ZLR J-3600 Torrente
  • Locks: 5 mW laser
  • Magazine: 20 round drum magazines
  • Agarre trasero: Cinta de agarre punteada

This combination of accessories is centered on improving the range of the JAK-12 in addition to ensuring lethal precision from the frame. The star of the show is the magazine with 20 rounds. The added bonus means you can eliminate multiple enemies in quick succession without having to recharge.

The best JAK-12 Warzone features and equipment

Once the best JAK-12 adjacent files have been selected, the next step is to focus your attention on the Perk and Equipment menus. To maximize performance, there are certain combinations that benefit even more than the JAK-12.


  • EOD (benefit 1)
  • Excesso (advantage 2)
  • Combat explorer (advantage 3)

EOD increases resistance to explosives, while Overkill allows you to use two main weapons in the same charge. To complement the overall power of the JAK-12, we recommend the Vanguard Automaton assault rifle.

Finally and by no means is Combat Scout. If you manage to reach a target and escape, a brilliant orange set will appear, allowing you to easily reach your next attack plan.


  • Fragmentation grenade (deadly)
  • Disaster grenade (tactical)

This team-tested combination is a safe way to inflict further damage and guarantee some easy eliminations. Support Frag for a few seconds before starting it to frolic in the armor of the approaching opposition. To prevent them from being distracted, follow an Attitude to slow down their movement and finish with them with JAK-12 in hand.

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Is JAK-12 good in Warzone?

If you want to excel in body-to-body combat, the JAK-12 scooter is among the best. There is no need to go down, it is perfect to use if an opponent shows up remorsefully from a corner when one has fewer expectations. I highly recommend using it!

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