The best H4 Blixen Warzone equipment

The shutters (SMG) have often appeared in the crowd of Warzone players thanks to their sudden flames and high damage in scenes with reduced space. Throughout Season 2, the Vanguard MP40 has dominated the market, and as far as Season 3 launches, another SMG is on the way.

One of the new weapons and armor in the third season of the Pacific era is H4 Blixena compact SMG armed with “a 9 x 19 mm cartridge” and features similar to the Vanguards Stone and PPSh-41.

As part of the theme classified weapons, details about the bug in the H4 Blix are limited. Despite this, we can identify a possible strain that is likely to result in popularity when SMG comes into play. Here it is, find the best H4 Blixen Warzone load and the best adjacent files for use in our definitive guide.

What is the best load of H4 Blixen Warzone?

At the time of writing (April 25), the H4 Blix is ​​not available for use in Warzone, which means we still can not determine the best combination of adjacent files. When SMG is launched, we will update the guide with a construction that is capable of destroying the opposition.

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How to unlock the H4 Blix

Unlike the M1916 and Nikita AVT, the H4 Blix is ​​not included on the battlefield in season 3. In return, players must complete a setback in the game to hold the SMG in their hands.

If you prefer an even faster way to unlock the H4 Blix, the SMG will appear in a store package. Once we’ve found information about desafío and the package, we’ll add everything you need to know.

The best associated files of the H4 Blixen Warzone

Since the H4 Blixen shares features with Sten and PPSH, there is a possibility that a design centered on improving damage production will work well in Caldera and Rebirth Island. Once we have had the opportunity to dominate SMG, we will add a complete list of adjacent files and some reasons beyond our choice.

The best benefits and tools from the H4 Blixen Warzone

If we still can not find the best H4 Blixen Warzone-related files, we can create a combination of features and tools that are able to add more benefits to the load. This is what we recommend.


  • EOD (benefit 1)
  • Excesso (advantage 2)
  • Combat explorer (advantage 3)

This particular set of perks is extremely powerful, especially in situations with limited space. EOD increases your resistance to incoming explosives, while Overkill allows you to equip two main weapons in the same charge. In this case, we recommend starting the H4 Blix with the automatic rifle.

Last but not least is the Combat Scout. If you try to close a few holes in the lens, a brilliant orange contour will capture its location, which will make it very easy to spot them between the groove and the dark edges.

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  • Semtex (Letal)
  • Stimulation (tactics)

We prefer a Semtex rather than a fragmentation grenade dedicated to its ability to adhere to various elements during a Warzone battle. Ice to destroy any vehicle approaching or crashing into an opponent for a guaranteed death. For our tactics, Steam is excellent at taking advantage of the high mobility of the H4 Blix. Ice to improve health and temporarily increase speed to avoid difficult situations.

Is H4 Blixen good in Warzone?

Given that SMG is expected to arrive as part of the season 3 mid-season update, it is currently impossible to know whether the H4 Blix will have an impact on the Warzone metaphor. According to preliminary information, there is a high probability that the SMG will stand out in body-to-body battles, but will be short-lived in long-distance duel.

That’s all there is to know about the H4 Blix in Warzone. Stay tuned to our dedicated page for the latest news, filters and loading guides.

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