The best H4 Blixen Vanguard equipment

Although not much content is available in the season 3 Reloaded update to Vanguard, the arrival of Subfusil H4 Blixen (SMG) is a significant addition to the ever-growing arsenal of weapons. If the park notes from season 3 are loaded to correct any mistakes, all eyes are on the new SMG and how it works.

In addition to presenting a much faster shooting speed compared to other SMGs in the category, the H4 Blixen is capable of eliminating a player with three strokes, giving him an incredibly fast time to kill.

Thanks to Gunsmith, there is a wide range of adjacent files to choose from to further enhance your performance. Say this, find best H4 Blixen Vanguard equipment Along with the best adjacent files for use in this guide!

What is the best load of the H4 Blixen Vanguard?

At the time of writing this article (May 24, 2022), Season 3 Reloaded has not yet begun, so we can not determine which H4 Blixen equipment is best to use in multiplayer mode.

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With the Season 3 Reloaded update available at 17:00, be sure to return later to see the best combination of adjacent files for use in what could be an incredibly exciting addition to multiplayer mode.

The best H4 Blixen Vanguard accessories

As previously mentioned, we are currently unable to use the H4 Blix in multiplayer mode. In addition to this, we can identify some early versions that could adapt to the compact nature of the SMG. According to its description and its vertical backrest, a construction that sits on the MP-40 is a solid place to start.

Once we have tried a variety of accessories, we will inform you about the best H4 Blixen Vanguard accessories to use as part of a load.

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The best Vanguard benefits and tools for use with the H4 Blixen

If the best H4 Blixen-related files remain a mystery, we can build the rest of the load using a combination of benefits and equipment that will improve performance. This is what we recommend.


  • Reinforced (advantage 1)
  • Intel Advance (Benefit 2)
  • Double time (advantage 3)

This set of adjacent files covers all bases. Fortified provides resistance to incoming explosives, while Forward Intel instead of Radar allows you to see where the resistance is generated thanks to the red squares in the mini-map.

Last and not least, it’s Double Time. The increase in length of the Sprint Tactico makes it extremely easy to navigate on the map and maximizes the mobility benefits you have when using the H4 Blixen.

Is the H4 Blixen good in Vanguard?

Until we have had the opportunity to use the H4 Blix in multiplayer, it is complicated to determine if the SMG is good or bad. Based on all the information we know so far, there is a good chance that you can compete in middle-class meetings in addition to having an impact on body-to-body matches.

Be sure to return once we have found the best adjacent files for use in the final verdict.

That’s all there is to know about the best equipment for the H4 Blixen Vanguard. For more information, see our page for the latest news, filters and guides.

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