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Take a look at the mascara with the latest whimsy in Tiniebla’s world, with us Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt List. We will keep it updated to the extent that balance parks and more arches and classes are added, but the current list should help it in these early stages of launch.

For those who have just heard of the game now, this vampire version of the Battle Royale formula is free on PlayStation and Steam right now. Surrounded by the dark streets of Prague, there is a quiet war between the soldiers of the Inquisition and the clans of rival vampires. The goal is to reach the top of hunting and competition, no matter what means are needed, and this list of levels should help.

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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Tier List – Who’s the best character?



S Gross
UN siren, vándalo
B Merodeador, executor
C Moses, saboteur

Hopefully, the former Bloodhunt level list will change to the extent that the exaggeration of the launch gets worse. Developers will have a large amount of random data to use in the first round of equilibrium after launch, which can seriously affect things.

What are the archetypes of The Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt?


  • Clan: Brujah
  • Role: Attacks with permanent damage
  • The power of the arbitrator: Shock Wave Punch: emits a wave of energy that can even loosen sand.
  • Passive force: True Grit: responds anywhere until the end of your health when no harm is received.

Gross arbitrage is definitely a first line option, thanks to the longest period of damage that can be created. The aggressive character is stubborn and launches powerful attacks.


  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Role: Tank
  • The power of the arbitrator: Damaged load: a rapid impulse that inflicts good damage. Also silence the enemies for a short time, which means you can not use any vampire-specific powers.
  • Passive force: Subordinate presence: influences nearby enemies to slow down their movements, along with warnings throughout the clan. Goes in every time new enemies approach.

The Enforcer is the latest archetype in Bloodhunt and is branded as a giant. They are strong fighters and can inflict damage and disruption on enemies.


  • Clan: Torero
  • Role: Apoyo
  • The power of the arbitrator: Rejuvenating voice: This allows players to create a space where they will pamper themselves and their opponents. It will crack and cause some damage during the process.
  • Passive force: Final Act: You can immediately load the protection periods when it is stripped, allowing the immediate use of vampire powers.

    As a function of the support, the mouse arbitrator provides an “active defense”; they can heal the aliens themselves, in addition to causing some damage.


  • Clan: Nosferatu
  • Role: Massive damage attack
  • The power of the arbitrator: Scouting Famulus: Prowler can use scouts as explorers who want to show the enemy’s positions.
  • Passive forcer: Sense the Beast: any powerful enemy will leave a rastro that you can raster with this ability.

An ‘irreconcilable hunter’, the Prowler of Nosferatu Clan focuses on hacking and hunting more than bridging or causing serious injury.


  • Clan: Nosferatu
  • Role: Massive damage attack
  • The power of the arbitrator: Sewer bomb: Saboteurs can fire bombs that release toxic gases when enemies enter them.
  • Passive force: Unseen Passage – While agitated, they will return invisibly thanks to this passive.

Sigilo is the name of the game for the saboteur. There is no relief from attack, but a patient waiting to launch on defeated enemies.


  • Clan: Torero
  • Role: Apoyo
  • The power of the arbitrator: Hidden beauty: players can stand in a hidden light that gives enemies a chance.
  • Passive force: Related charm – Sirens can charm civilians. They become friends with them and with the rest of the team.

Beauty is the most important weapon of the sirens: like the ancient myths, they can be manipulated and exposed to anyone. You can, and do, literally hide from enemies.


  • Clan: Brujah
  • Role: Attacks with permanent damage
  • The power of the arbitrator: Earth Shock – A movement similar to a mini earthquake; a charged leap forward that will disperse the enemies with the expansive wave.
  • Passive force: Adrenaline rush: there is some resistance to damage as enemies approach.

The Vandal of Brujah Clan is a very strong option. It is better used in body-to-body and skin combat due to its physical attack.

What are the clans for The Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt?

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt there are clans. These are features with different skills and morals, with different archetypes in each.

There are four clans so far: Brujah, Nosferatu, Toreador and the new Ventrue. Nosferatu is stationed in the city bases and uses rastreo and sigilo tactics. The brujahs are the muscle of the game and the toreadors are focused on manipulation. The left clan must be seen by force.

What clan skills are there in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt?

There is a network of abilities that reward each character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. Each clan has its own abilities that divide each clan within the clan, and then each separate clan has its own passive and unique archetypal abilities. Passability is automatic, while the other two require activation.

The power of the Brujah clan is Soaring Leap, a very powerful leap forward. The nosferatu have Vanish, who, as the name suggests, the past is invisible and faster in a short time.

The Toreador clan can use Projection Dash, which allows them to start a project on their own, which can then be teleported. Finally, the Ventrue clan uses the Flesh Of Marble; by enduring their skin for a short period of time, they have the ability to resist damage while no offensive actions are used.

We will provide you with more Bloodhunt guides as the game matures. Until then, without hesitation, take a look at what we know about the long-awaited release date for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. The problematic project sheds light on this, and the main event has apparently not yet been canceled.

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