The best equipment from Vanguard M1916

Despite possessing some power at all, Marksman rifles are not the most popular weapon category in Vanguard multiplayer mode. On most occasions, players aim for an assault rifle (AR) thanks to its superior maneuverability, but with a powerful set of accessories, Marksman rifles are more capable of influencing a party crossing.

One of the new weapons coming as part of the season 3 update is M1916, a semi-automatic rifle armed with a “two-stroke elimination range” that makes it lethal from any distance. If you have a fatal stroke, it is difficult to control its recovery.

Here’s it, finding the best equipment for the M1916 Vanguard along with the best accessories to use in this helpful guide on how to get the most out of the ultimate incorporation into the arsenal.

What is the best load of the M1916 Vanguard?

With a large selection of accessories to choose from, finding the best combination is a complicated task. As season 3 only begins on April 27, we still need to find a solid structure that dominates the opposition. When the season starts, we will update this guide with a set of accessories that guarantee success with the M1916.

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How to unlock M1916 in Vanguard

The M1916 is one of two new weapons that will appear as part of the battlefield in season 3. This means the Marksman rifle will appear in one of two compartments. Even if new weapons appear at level 15 or level 31, it will not be long before we find out where the rifle is.

When we leave it, we update the guide with all the latest information.

The best accessories M1916 Vanguard

As with most Vanguard weapons, the M1916 comes with plenty of accessories to use. At the time of writing (April 25), the information on the complete list of adjacent files is revealed, which means that it is complicated to determine the best set to use.

When we have the opportunity to use the rifle, we will inform you with the most powerful combination of accessories to be used with the end to achieve success with the M1916.

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The best benefits and equipment of the M1916 Vanguard

If we do not know the most powerful add-on files for use in M1916, we know the best set of features and equipment for use in Vanguard multiplayer mode. This is what we recommend.


  • Reinforced (advantage 1)
  • Intel Advance (Benefit 2)
  • Double time (advantage 3)

This particular Perk combination has been tried and tested after being used with various weapons. Fortified Aggregates a much-needed resistor against any incoming explosive, while Forward Intel displays red squares indicating where the resistor generates.

Finally, we have chosen Double Time to increase the duration of the tactical sprint. The mobility of the M1916 is not one of its strengths, so having more Tactical Sprint makes it much easier to navigate the map.


  • Fragmentation grenade (deadly)
  • Disaster grenade (tactical)

It is very difficult to ambiguous with the combination of Frag and Stun Grenade. A perfectly prepared Frag is the perfect tool to inflict further damage, while Stun Granade can be used to slow down the movement of a potential target. Be sure to follow up after launching the program before the effects disappear.

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Is M1916 good in Vanguard?

There are many possibilities that the M1916 will be invited as a popular addition to the Vanguard arsenal thanks to its incredible versatility. Given that most multiplayer maps contain many broad lines of sight, it’s likely that the rifle will have an impact in season 3.

That’s all there is to know about the arrival of the M1916 to Vanguard. For more information, visit our page to find out the latest news, filters and loads on the latest Sledgehammer Games offer.

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