The best equipment from Nikita AVT Vanguard

Since its launch in November, the Metajuego Assault Rifle (AR) in Vanguard has remained stable, and Automaton has proven to be the most popular. With season 3 on the horizon, things could change as Sledgehammer Games prepares to introduce a new set of weapons and armor to its arsenal.

One of the two new weapons to emerge when the new season launches on April 27 is Nikita AVT, a rifle armed with the fastest firing rate of any category. Undoubtedly, a fast turnover rate with difficult recovery levels will dominate.

With a range of accessories capable of mastering retrieval, there are a range of combinations to suit all gaming styles and enhance the performance of the Nikita AVT. That being said, find the best Nikita AVT Vanguard equipment along with the best accessories to use in our definitive guide that contains everything there is to know about the rifle.

What is the best Nikita AVT Vanguard equipment?

At the time of writing (April 25), the Nikita AVT is not available for use in Vanguard, making it impossible to determine the best set of adjacent files for use in AR. Once we’ve had time to master the rifle, we’ll update the guide with the best accessories for use in multiplayer mode.

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How to unlock Nikita AVT in Vanguard

As one of the two weapons to emerge when the new season launches, the Nikita AVT will appear on the battlefield in season 3. When you perform at level 15 or level 31, just play the juego to get the rifle.

To complete this as quickly as possible, you can purchase Battle Pass levels or use a dual Battle Pass XP token to move through the levels at a faster pace if you do not want to use COD points.

The best accessories Nikita AVT Vanguard

As mentioned earlier, we always had to dominate the Nikita AVT in Vanguard, but as soon as we do, we will release the best combination of adjacent files in addition to the benefits it provides.

Basically, our car construction could be a good place to start given its fast shutdown speed.

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The best benefits and equipment of the Nikita AVT Vanguard

Instead of not knowing the best Nikita AVT Vanguard accessories, we can find a solid set of perks and equipment to complement the rifle during a party. This is what we recommend.


  • Reinforced (advantage 1)
  • Intel Advance (Benefit 2)
  • Ligero (advantage 3)

Despite the addition of a trophy system, there is a high probability that the grenades will continue to fly all over the map. Reinforced increases resistance to explosives, which will keep you in the fight for longer. The next is Forward Intel. This advantage shows red squares on the mini-map, which allows you to see where the resistance is generating.

Finally, we have chosen Ligero for a ligero increase in movement speed, which result is useful when Nikita AVT is used during a party.


  • Gammon Bomb (Letal)
  • Humogranate (tactical)

Gammon bombs explode as fast as they hit a surface, making them the perfect tool to shoot a target at the presence of any enemy. Combining it with a humus grenade is a great way to block areas on the map to avoid nearby players.

Is the Nikita AVT good for Vanguard?

If we have not had the opportunity to use the Nikita AVT, we can expect it to be invited to a popular addition to the arsenal thanks to its playing speed. With a solid set of selected additional files, you can compete with Automaton as one of the best ARs to use.

That’s all there is to know about the Nikita AVT in Vanguard. For more information, check out our dedicated page for the latest news, filters and loads on the latest Sledgehammer Games offerings.

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