The best construction of Genshin Impact Zhongli

August 15: Zhongli will have a new iteration of the banner from August 24.

Calm, educated and reserved: this is Zhongli de Genshin Impact. But, ¿quién es él y qué es lo mejor? Zhongli construct?

Originally introduced as a consultant working at the Wangsheng Funeral Home in Liyue, we met him several times and learned about his participation in Tevyat’s Seven. This personaje cortés, who doesn’t seem to know how money works, is also a bulky DPS on the battlefield, making it a great option for our arsenal.

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¿Cómo consigo a Zhongli en Genshin Impact?

Zhongli se puede obtener gasstando deseos en el Event Banner «Gentry of Hermitage», which runs from August 24 to early September.

Zhongli suele estar disponible en el standarde permanente de Invocación a la pasión por los viajes.

What are the best constructions in Zhongli?

Zhongli’s abilities and gameplay place him as a DPS, but he has the potential to be a great support character. Sin embargo, esto funciona mejor con otras unidades Geo, por lo que, en menos que esté equipado para eso, le recomendamos que lo mantenga como daño.


best weapon

Arma alternative

mejores artefactos

Construction DPS geografica Baston de Homa Eradicator of disasters Noblesse Oblige (4 pieces)
DPS tank construction Baston de Homa Black tassel Tenacidad del Millelith (4 pieces)

Construction of Geo DPS

The Crit DMG effect of the Bastón de Homa makes it an excellent weapon when facing multiple opponents, under the right circumstances. Too bad the embargo, Black Tassel is a much easier weapon to obtain and its effect makes it an excellent and affordable option for a build like this.

On the artifact side, Nobliesse Oblige is by far the best option here with the Elemental Burst damage it adds.

DPS tank construction

With an additional 20% HP and an increase in attack, Bastón de Homa is the best option for building a tank. Another option is Calamity Queller or Black Tassel for those who want free friendly options.

The same with Bastón de Homa, the increase in HP is a priority here, so the set of artifacts Tenacity of the Millelith is suitable for this purpose, the pastel cream is an advantage for our Attack and Shields.

What are the best team compositions for Zhongli?

As a DPS, and after several rebalancing of his abilities, Zhongli stands out in terms of HP amount, making him a great tank character.

Albedo is easily the best companion for Geo Archon, with abilities that not only augment Zhongli’s Elemental Burst, but also present a lethal combination of Geo abilities that can deal serious damage. Bennet brings healing tools and support, and Raiden Shogun or Itto are excellent Sub-DPS options for this team.

type of equipment



Solo information geografica Zhongli, Itto, Albedo, Gorou Geo
Físico Zhongli, Bennett, Raiden, Albedo Geo, Pyro, Electro, Geo
Resonance Zhongli, Traveller, Bennett, Eula Geo, Geo, Piro, Crio

What are the best weapons for Zhongli?

Bastón de Homa and its HP boost is the best option for Zhongli, but you can also use Calamity Queller. In the end, but no menos important, you can buy an opción fabricable, puede available Black Tassel is without any ninguno de los anteriores.





How do you get

Baston de Homa 5 stars CRITICAL DAMAGE + 14.4% HP increased by 20%. Additionally, it grants an attack bonus based on 0.8% of the carrier’s maximum HP. When the wearer’s HP is lower than 50%, this attack bonus is increased by an additional 1% of Max HP. Wish
Eradicator of disasters 5 stars ATQ % + 3.6% Gain a DMG elemental bonus of 12%. Achieved consumption in 20 sec. of the user with an abilidad elemental, then ATQ has a 3.2% increase per second. This increase in ATK has a maximum of 6 accumulations. When the character equipped with this weapon is not on the field, the consumption’s ATK increase is doubled. Wish
Black tassel 3 stars HP + 10.2% Aumenta DMG versus limousines of un 40%. Wish

What are the best artifacts for Zhongli?

Depending on the build you choose to do, you may need Archaic Petra in case you want to use Zhongli as Geo DPS, or Tenacity of the Millelith and Noblesse Oblige for Tank DPS. Cuántos de estos elijas para equiparlo dependerá de tu juego, por lo que se sugege que pruebe diferentes construcciones, veas cómo funcionan como conjuntos mixtos o completos y luego puedes decidir.


Effect of two pcs

Effect of four pieces

petra archaica 15% of geographical damage bonus If an elemental fragment is created through a crystallization reaction, the members of the party will gain 35% of those elements for a special duration of 10 years. Only se puede obtener una form de bonificación of elemental damage this way at a time.
Tenacidad del Millelith HP increased by 20% When an elemental skill hits an opponent, the attack of all nearby party members is increased by 20% and their shield strength is increased by 30% for 3 seconds. This effect can be activated once every 0.5 seconds. This effect can still be activated even when the person using this set of artifacts is not on the field.
Nobleza obliga Elemental Blast Damage +20%. Using an elemental blast increases the entire party’s attack by 20% for 12 seconds. This effect cannot be accumulated.

What skills and talents does Zhongli have?

Zhongli shines as a DPS, with an emphasis on his abilities as a tank. This is further enhanced with his abilities, which can protect teammates with Dominus Lapidis or inflict massive damage on the battlefield with Planet Befall.



Attack Normal Perform up to 6 consecutive spear strikes.
Charge attack Consumption una cierta candididad de resistencia para saltar hacia adelante, lo que hace que caigan lanzas de piedra a lo largo de su camino.
Immersion attack Desciende desde el aire para golpear el soilo, dañando a los enemigos e infligiendo daño AoE al terrizar.
Ability Elemental – Dominus Lapidis Press It Summons a stone stele that rises for 30 seconds and deals AoE Geo damage at the spawn point. Mantener Hace que exploite la geoenergía cercana, lo que unchecena los suientes efectos: -Si no se ha alcanzado su nummero Máximo, crea una stela de piedra. – Make a jade shield. The shield’s damage-absorbing scales are soaked in Zhongli’s maximum HP. Possesses 150% damage absorption against all elemental and physical damage. -Inflict damage AoE Geo. -There are some objects with Geo elements that are a great candidate for Geo elements and maximum 2 objects. This effect does not cause damage. Estela de piedra Cuando se crea, inflict damage AoE Geo. Every 2 seconds it will also resonate with nearby geo constructs which will deal Geo damage to surrounding opponents. The creation of stars and resonance generates 0.5 elementary particles. La stela de piedra is considered a geographic construct that can be scaled and used to block attacks. Only one stela created by el propio Zhongli puede originally existed en un momento given. Jade Shield possesses 150% damage absorption against all elemental and physical damage. The characters protected by Jade Shield will reduce the opponents’ elemental resistance and physical resistance in a small AoE by 20%. This effect cannot be accumulated.
Explosion Elemental – Planet Befall Brings a meteorite that falls to the ground, dealing massive geodamage to opponents caught in its AoE and giving them the Petrify status. Petrification Opponents affected by the Petrification condition cannot move.
Talent #1 – Ondas resonates When the Jade Shield receives damage, it will Fortificará. Fortified characters have 5% more de fuerza de escudo. Se puede acumular hasta 5 veces y dura hasta que desaparece el Escudo de jade.
Talent #2 – Dominio de la Tierra Zhongli deals additional damage based on his Max HP. The damage of Ataque normal, Ataque charged and Ataque de inmersión increases by 1.39% of maximum HP. The stone frame of Dominus Lapidis, the resonance and hold damage are increased by 1.9% of the maximum HP. Planet Befall deals additional damage equal to 33% of Zhongli’s maximum HP.
Talent #3 – Arcano de Cristal Reimbursement of 15% of the minerals used to craft auction-type weapons.

What are the constellations in Zhongli?

If you manage to draw Zhongli multiple times, you will eventually reach a constellation level that will convert it into an excellent DPS unit, with improvements to all of its abilities and its respective cooldowns, making Zhongli a great DPS tank for your group.



La roca, la columna vertebral de la tierra Aumenta a 2 the maximum number of stone stele created by Dominus Lapidis that can exist simultaneously.
Piedra, la Cuna de Jade Planet Befall gave the people near the camp a jade shield as they descended.
Jade, shining through the darkness Aumenta el Nivel de Dominus Lapidis en 3, hasta un nivel máximo de 15.
Topacio, steadfast y sin miedo Increases the AoE of Planet Befall by 20% and increases the duration of the petrification effect of Planet Befall by 2 seconds.
Lazuli, Herald of the Order Increases the level of Planet Befall by 3, up to a maximum level of 15.
Chrysos, the generosity of the ruler When the Jade Shield takes damage, 40% of the damage received is converted to HP for the actual character. First, only one instance of regeneration must not exceed 8% of the character’s Max HP.

What are the materials for Ascension of Zhongli?

Ascender a Zhongli increases its Defense and HP stats more than anything else, a welcome improvement that makes it a great Tanky DPS. Cultivar la Hypostasis Geo puede tomar un poco, but to improve a unit as useful as Zhongli is to your team, it’s worth it.

Rank of Ascension

Level required

Los materiales requidos

1 20 20000 Mora, Prithiva Topaz Sliver x1, Cor Lapis x3, Slime Condensate x3
2 50 40000 Mora, Prithiva Topaz Fragment x3, Basalt Pillar x2, Cor Lapis x10, Slime Condensate x15
3 60 60000 Mora, Prithiva Topaz Fragment x6, Basalt Pillar x4, Cor Lapis x20, Slime Secret x12
4 70 80000 Mora, Prithiva Topaz Chunk x3, Basalt Pillar x8, Cor Lapis x30, Slime Secret x18
5 80 100000 Mora, Prithiva Topaz Chunk x6, Basalt Pillar x12, Cor Lapis x45, Slime Concentrate x12
6 90 120000 Mora, Prithiva Topaz Gem x6, Basalt Pillar x20, Cor Lapis x60, Slime Concentrate x24

¿What son los materials for subir de nivel of Zhongli’s Talent?

The first important part of constructing Zhongli is to remember to upgrade your talents and skills.

Drops daily

Goa’s enemy


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