The best construction of Genshin Impact Xinyan

On the battlefield, Xinyan evolves into a fantastic physical DPS, which means a great addition to any team, regardless of its structure. What is best Genshin Impact Xinyan To build?

He is a rock ‘n’ roll star who returned to spread it throughout the country of Liyue. His spirit intends to hit Pyro Vision while it’s running, giving it a bad reputation with Milleith, who intends to interrupt his shows every night to keep people safe.

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How do I get Xinyan in Genshin?

Xinyan can get luxury expenses on the Wanderlust Invocation standard and formerly as an optional option at the Stand by Me event. As a 4-star character, it will appear on the posters of others. Good luck consiguiéndola!

What are the best designs in Xinyan?

Xinyan shines like a physical DPS, and if you want to use a different sound, it also does a great job as a Tanky DPS with its built-in skills. Pyros’ abilities do not go unnoticed in terms of deterring elemental reactions, but he compensates by having an excellent independent offensive unit.

Next, two of the best constructions in Xinyan at the moment are displayed. You can follow the legend to find out how and why these particular Xinyan constructions, but if you have used this character before, you will quickly understand the thought process in addition to its best weapons and artifact possibilities.


best weapon

Alternatively weapons

best artifacts

Alternative artifacts

Physical structure of DPS Laptops of the wolf archaic prototype Lama Pálida (4 pieces) Lama pálida (2 pieces) & Caballería ensangrentada (2 pieces)
DPS construction shield it is not forged Sacrificial sword Bólido Retrazado (4 pieces) Gladiator Finale (4 pieces)

Physical structure of DPS

The bonuses on Wolf’s Gravestone in Attack make you the best option for this configuration. Without restrictions, as it is a difficult weapon to grab, you can use Sacrificial Sword or Prototype Archaic as temporary replacements.

On the Artifact side, however, Pale Flame and its Attack bonus are the best option, but if you can not let the set complete, Gladiators Finale should be a good alternative.

DPS construction shield

With its Shields bonuses, The Unforged is the perfect candidate for this setup. Without restrictions, it can be a difficult weapon to obtain, so you can alternatively use Prototype Archaic or Sacrificial Sword

With the goal of strengthening the skills based on the Xinyan shield, the Retracing Bolide artifact set is by many the best option. If you do not have it yet, you can use Gladiators Finale temporarily

What are the best team compositions for Xinyan?

Xinyan and its capabilities are converted into a large DPS device in the equipment that is not very aware of the reactions. For the same reason, a major potential teammate could be Eula as the main DPS, already benefiting from the increase in physical damage that Xinyan provides. For the rest of the team, the Fischl + Bennet duo provide support in the form of offensive stats and curation benefits.



bennett piro
Fischl Electro
Xinyan piro

What are the best weapons for Xinyan?

Redhorn Stonethresher or The Unforged are easily the best options for Xinyan, but you can also find a more suitable and equally good alternative in the form of Sacrificial Sword. Last but not least, if you’re looking for a manufacturable option, you can get the archaic prototype if you still do not have any of the former.





How do you get

Redhorn stone grinder 5 stars Critical damage Gokadaiou Otogibanashi: increases DEF and damages Normal + ATK is loaded more with each level of refinement. Wishes
it is not forged 5 stars Attack Golden Majesty: increases the strength of the shield by 20%. If you hit the opponents, the attack increases by 4% in 8 seconds and accumulates up to 5 times. It can only happen once every 0.3 seconds. While protected by a shield, the increased attack power increases by 100%. Wishes
Sacrificial sword 4 stars Energy charge Compound: after damaging an opponent with an elemental ability, the ability has a 40% probability of completing its own reuse time. It can only happen once every 30 seconds. Wishes
archaic prototype 4 stars Attack Use: When hitting, normal or charged attacks have a 50% probability of inflicting 240/300/360/420/480% additional attack damage on a small radio. It can only happen once every 15 seconds. Fragua
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What are the best artifacts for Xinyan?

Depending on the construction you choose to make, you may need Llama pálida or Blood-colored Caballería joints if you want to use Xinyan as a physical DPS or Retracing Bolide to shield the DPS finish. How many of these elites should equip it depends on your game, so it suggests that you try different constructions, see how they work as mixed or complete combinations, and then you can decide.


Effect of two pcs

Four-part effect

Cold ballad Physical damage +25% When an elemental ability hits an opponent, the attack increases by 9% in 7 seconds. This effect accumulates up to 2 times and can be activated once every 0.3 seconds. When 2 pieces are reached, the bonus of 2 pieces is increased by 100%.
Bloodstained chivalry Physical damage +25% Use a load attack within 10 seconds to defeat an enemy without losing resistance and causing +50% damage
Emblem Energy charge +20% Increases DAO for elemental explosion by about 25% of energy charge. You can get a maximum of 75% DMG bonus.

What skills and talents does Xinyan have?

Xinyan shines like a DPS and you can concentrate on the physical damage and Pyro AoE that offers its Elemental Ráfaga, or the benefits based on the shield that gives the elemental ability. Regardless of the cloud it uses, Xinyan is a very versatile device that can help a lot in its team.



Normal attack Perform up to 4 consecutive strokes.
Attack accused Drena resistance with time to perform continuous giraffe attacks against all nearby enemies. At the end of the sequence, take a more powerful cut.
Immersion attacks It starts from the air to hit the ground, then enemies far down the road, inflicting AoE damage in collisions.
Elemental Ability – Fervor de barrido Xinyan mixes his instruments and inflicts damage on nearby enemies, forming a real shield with the passion of his audience. The shield’s damage absorption rate is based on Xinyan’s defense and the number of enemies struck. -Golpear to 0-1 enemies otorga Shield Level 1: Ad Lib. -Golpear 2 enemies to get Escudo Level 2: Entry. -Golpear 3 or more enemies otorga Level 3 Shield: Rave, which will also inflict periodic Pyro damage on nearby enemies. The shield has the following special properties: -When it rises, it fills Xinyan with Pyro. -Has a 250% efficiency of Damage Absorption against Pyro Damage.
Elemental Riff – Riff Revolution Xinyan rises rapidly and shoots at nearby enemies, inflicting physical damage and raising the crowd. The sheer intensity of the atmosphere will provoke explosions that will inflict pyrotechnic damage on nearby enemies.
Talent No. 1: “The show continues, even without the public” Rejects the number of enemies that Sweeping Fervor must hit to activate each level of protection. Shield level 2: the access requirement is reduced to 1 enemy attack. Shield Level 3: Rave Requirement reduced to 2 defeated enemies or more.
Talent No. 2: “It’s rock ‘n’ roll!” People protected by Sweeping Fervor inflict 15% more physical damage.
Talent n. 3: a good recipe When Perfect Cooking hits a plate that increases defense, Xinyan has a 12% chance of getting double the product.

What are the constellations in Xinyan?

If you take Xinyan multiple times, you will probably reach a level of constellation that will convert it into an excellent DPS device, with improvements in all its capabilities and its respective reuse times, converting Xinyan into a great addition to your group.



Fatal acceleration To achieve a critical attack, increase the attack speed of normal and charged Xinyan attacks by 12% in 5 seconds. It can only happen once every 5 seconds.
Improvised opening Riff Revolution The physical damage gets its critical rating increased by 100% and will form a shield at Shield Level 3: Rave when it starts.
double stop Increase the Fervor Roller level by 3 to a maximum level of 15.
Rhythm of wild fire Sweeping Fervor’s swing damage reduces the opponents’ physical resistance by 15% in 12 seconds.
Screaming for a kiss Increase the level of Riff Revolution by 3, to a maximum level of 15.
Rocking in a world of calls Rejects resistance consumption of Xinyan-charged attacks by 30%. In addition, Xinyan’s loaded attack earns an attack bonus equal to 50% of its defense.

What are the climbing materials in Xinyan?

Rising up to Xinyan increases its attack stats more than anything, a better welcome than converting to a large DPS. It may take a bit to grow Pyro Regisvine, but improving a device that is as useful as Xinyan for your team is worth it.

Rank of Ascension

Required level

The necessary materials

1 20 20000 Mora, Agnidus Agate Sliver x1, Violetgrass x3, Treasure Hoarder Insignia x3
2 50 40000 Mora, Agnidus agate fragment x3, Eternal Lama seeds x2, Violet herb x10, Treasurer insignia x15
3 60 60000 Mora, Agnidus agate fragment x6, Eternal Lama seeds x4, Violet herb x20, Plate skull insignia x12
4 70 80000 Mora, Agnidus Agate Trozo x3, Everflame Seed x8, Violetgrass x30, Silver Raven Insignia x18
5 80 100000 Mora, Agnidus Agate Trozo x6, Everflame Seed x12, Violetgrass x45, Golden Raven Insignia x12
6 90 120000 Mora, Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6, Everflame Seed x20, Violetgrass x60, Golden Raven Insignia x24

What are the materials to raise Xinyan’s talent level?

An important part of Xinyan’s construction is to elevate its talents and abilities. The order in which this is done changes slightly depending on the role you expect to play on your team, but this is the most common Xinyan talent update order:

  • Elementary ability
  • Elemental explosion
  • Normal attack

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