the best classes for PVP and PVE

Need one List of class levels in MU Origin 3? The new mobile MMORPG is finally available and gamers are excited to know which classes work best in PVP and PVE modes. In fact, we have covered it with a general breakdown of the available classes, followed by a more detailed look at the specific PVP and PVE constructions.

In this MU Origin 3 guide, we make sure you are completely ready to immerse yourself in the game. Armed with a complete list of levels, as well as with desgloses of specific classes, you should be ready to lead any fight you participate in.

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List of grade levels MU Origin 3

Check out the chart below to see our list of MU Origin 3 levels that classify the six characters currently available in the game. Each of the three classes, Magician, Sword, and Archer, has two subclasses that we have classified here.


Class number

ONE Magician banned
B The knight
C Master, the wrestler
D Guardabosques, sacred arch

There are the few classes currently available in the game, much of the selection depends on individual preferences. If you want a body-to-body body, then you will not find anyone better than the Knight. Without a doubt, if a supporting role is still on the way, then Holy Archer can be chosen.

Without a ban, keep in mind that the subclasses are only unlocked when they reach P4 in the progress tree. It may take a while, so until then you will want to play as a magician, swordsman or archer.

It is worth trying the six different classes in MU Origin 3 to see which one best suits your style.

What is the best PVP class of MU Origin 3?

For our money, the best MU Origin 3 class for PVP modes is obvious: Knight, within the Espadachín class. It has to do with its impressive injury stats and its health group, which is likely to convert you into the best all-rounder in the game.

By combining a decent HP level with some really powerful attacks, it’s most likely not to lose a 1v1 encounter in PVP with Knight. Of course, it is possible not to fall in all the fights without trying it, but it is definitely the best class of PVP.

What is the best PVE class of MU Origin 3?

The best PVE class in MU Origin 3 is an option a little more complicated because there is no clear winner between the six options. There is no doubt one who probably knows how to choose, according to his injury radio. It is the Master class in the Mage grade.

The main reason Magic is better in PVE must be the amount of damage it can cause to multiple enemies inside the explosive radio. Given that you will be fighting waves of bot enemies in PVE, it is an effective way to defeat them all at once.

That’s all for our MU Origin 3 class level list! Be sure to return, as we will be updating our ratings as soon as possible to bring new classes to the game. Until then, do not hesitate to consult our Catalyst Black level list to see yet another brand new mobile game.

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