The best Bridge MK9 equipment and accessories for Warzone Pacific and Modern Warfare

El Bruen MK9an air-cooled liga ammunition, offers a cool shooting range that competes with the other weapons in its category and provides excellent stability when faced with a medium- and long-range objective, making it much easier to control than some of their counterparts.

When the King of Verdansk, a nerve towards the end of the Modern Warfare season, broke his life, but it is likely that he will appear in some quantities when Warzone Pacific Season 1 begins.

With the best equipped accessory game, tThe bridge can easily derail combat rifles. and any type of vehicle that can stop your alboroto in Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

In this guide you will find best accessories The bridge MK9 to use and the best Bruen MK9 equipment to build.

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The best accessory from the Bridge MK9 Warzone

  • Monolithic oppressor (hocico)
  • XRK Cumbre 26.8 (Barril)
  • Laser Tac (Laser)
  • Corp Combat Holo Sight (optical)
  • 60 round loaders (communion)

This set of accessories is easily the best combination we have found for the Bridge MK9.

The usual appearance of monolithic oppressor combined with the cannon increases the damage rate and speed of the ball greatly, allowing you to dominate any player in a shot at medium speed.

The rest of the adjacent files are centered on a number of elements. The load improves the speed of the turbine to go down, while the charger provides extra rods that allow you to eliminate more opponents without having to recharge.

The bridge MK9 Modern Warfare The best accessory

1) Infinite fire!

This class is designed to fire a step-by-step wave of missiles at an enemy location, perfect for players who prefer to get involved in the action from the bottom up.

Adjacent files

  • XRK Summit 26.8 ”(April)
  • FORGE TAC Stalker (stock)
  • Granulated agar (luggage agar)
  • 200 round belt (municipalities)
  • Merc Foregrip (Underbarrel)

With a large amount of sand in the loader, this combination of accessories from the Bridge provides extra stability in the event of an open fire against the opponent.


  • EOD (benefit 1)
  • Rehabilitation (benefit 2)
  • Metralla (advantage 3)

Choosing this combination of benefits is an excellent way to inflict even more harm. EOD will protect it from explosives, while Restock allows it to detonate its grenades over time. The power meter is even more useful and provides an extra piece of deadly equipment when it shows up.


  • Fragmentation grenade (deadly)
  • Disaster grenade (tactical)

There is nothing more satisfying than announcing a death with a well-placed and perfectly cooked grenade. Use the wreck to clear a densely populated area of ​​the map and use the arrow to slow down the enemies before dropping the 200 rounds in your position.

Field updates

Given the lack of mobility of this cargo, it is likely that they will be attacked by a variety of deadly equipment. It has a trophy system in front of its location to prevent the enemy’s utility from interfering with your game.

rachas de assesinatos

  • Racimo Gulf (5 deaths)
  • Jet VTOL (8 deaths)
  • Chopper Gunner (10 killed)

This combination of killstreaks can be achieved extremely quickly when you are in the right areas of the map at the right time. Keep it level and eliminate enemies thanks to the benefit of chance to guarantee a dangerously high run.

2) Amenaza of medium rank

This overloaded in mid-range encounters, easy disposal of automatic rifles and some optimistic subfusils.

Adjacent files

  • Mini GI reflector (optical)
  • FSS Close Quarters Share (shares)
  • Hand games (advantage)
  • Punched agarre
  • Empuñadura Commando (Underbarrel)

With this equipped accessory, the Bridge is very similar to the M249 SAW from Call of Duty 4, and like its predecessor, the Bridge has a powerful blow armed with accessories to provide accurate retrieval control and a faster appearance speed.


  • Double time (advantage 1)
  • Excesso (advantage 2)
  • Afinar (advantage 3)

Double time adds a lot of mobility, while Overkill allows you to choose a different main weapon. We choose an MP7 for screens with less space. Finally, you need to adjust the loading speed of field updates, which allows you to access them much faster than usual.


  • My presence (deadly)
  • Humogranate (tactical)

This combination of equipment may seem strange, but placing the proxy mine on a target and covering its location with a mud grenade is a great way to target any aggressive enemy seeking to kill quickly, reading through the dust cover.

Field updates

With Double Time equipped to navigate faster on the map, Dead Silence is a logical option. Ice to flank the enemy without taking into account the ability to report multiple deaths in a quick order.

rachas de assesinatos

  • UAV counter (4 deaths)
  • Crucible missile (5 killed)
  • Wheelson (7 dead)

Armed with the ability to play more aggressively, you are more than likely to have some more deaths in your name, so this killstreak combination does not require much to win, but it does not have a significant impact on the card.

3) Small but powerful

The third and final load has a big impact on how extremely modest it looks.

Adjacent files

  • Brown 18.0 ”Para (Barril)
  • No existences (existences)
  • FMJ (advantage)
  • Punched agarre
  • Tactical front pressure (during the race)

This combination of accessories is an excellent combination of pickup control, extra mobility along with the addition of FMJ to ensure no enemy is rescued even when hidden away from the cover.


  • Quick solution (advantage 1)
  • Hard line (advantage 2)
  • Endured in battle (advantage 3)

Quick Fix is ​​a very infrared advantage. Allowing an increase in the rate of health regeneration is one of the best benefits of having in the middle of the action. Hardline reduces the cost of killstreaks by one, making it easier to get some of the higher rachas when playing aggressively, and Battle Hardened increases your resistance to target grenades and distractions, allowing you to stay focused on the action. It develops in front of you.


  • Semtex (Letal)
  • Granada señuelo (tactics)

Using a Semtex instead of a fragmentation grenade is sometimes the way to go thanks to its ability to adhere to surfaces. The Señuelo grenade is the right part of the party, allowing you to easily meet the enemies without risking your life.

Field updates

  • Detention power rounds

Want to add an extra dose of mortality to this powerful weapon? Apparently yes! Choose Stopping Power Rounds as your field improvement to dramatically increase damage.

rachas de assesinatos

  • Accurate air attack (5 deaths)
  • Wheelson (7 dead)
  • White phosphorus (10 deaths)

This combination of rayas inflicts large amounts of damage, especially on the smaller maps of Modern Warfare. White phosphorus can easily make it difficult for your vision due to white dust, but with the gradual damage inflicted on each member of the enemy team, which they make extremely easy to remove, there is no doubt that the pen is worth moving through snow.

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