the best armor for the construction of astrologers

The latest FromSoftware role-playing game offers much more magic than the previous Souls games, with all sorts of tricks, charms and the new Ashes of War technique. A natural class choice for any aspiring hechicero is the astrologer, but especially in the first part of the game there are very few weapons and equipment that you will discover that they are suitable for construction with. So here is a general description of best armor for astrologer in Elden Ring so sepas what to look for.

The best armor for astrologer constructions in the Elden Ring

The first thing you should know about the astrologer armor in Elden Ring is that in reality there are not many combinations of armor that can be found during the first stages of the game, specifically for astrologers / magic compilations, and some that do not sound real. as set of astrologer cover, obtained in series. In fact, one important thing to remember about the armor in the Elden Ring is that the armor statistics are generally not very important, and much less for an Astrologer / magic construction. His strategy, after all, is not to take absolute damage, only to avoid incoming attacks and deal the blow with great damage.

That being said, as an astrologer, you can still use any armor set you find in the game. If you are new to Souls-type games, do not think that as a magic configuration you simply can not equip armor sets that seem more suitable for strength / stability and other more conventional body configurations. Absolutely you can. Just make sure your weight does not exceed the umbrella in order to get off / drive efficiently. In general, lightweight armor pieces are best for intelligence constructions, but you can figure out some heavier things as long as the weight does not prevent you from moving fast.

In all honesty, the standard Astrologer set is everything you need for the first 20 hours of the game as a magical construction. Most of the time, changing the armor components is actually an aesthetic choice more than for the game.

However, it is certain that longer in the game there is a better armor available than the standard astrologer cover. Here we will list some options to change the default set or mix other armor to improve more properties:

  • Yelmo de diablillo Cultivation of demons in the catacombs of Limgrave. +2 added to Intelligence.
  • Hechicero raya lucarian set Found by agricultural mills at the academy. The helmet is sealed there behind a false wall. The best place to cultivate is on the porch of the classroom.
  • Snow witch armor set – Found in a box on the top floor of Renna’s Rise after reaching the end of Ranni’s search bar.
  • Wise set – Found at Stillwater Cave, Liurnia of the Lakes, just in front of and below Lake Facing Cliffs, everything was found in a submerged corpse near the end. Beware of the giant whales that will attack you when they kill you.
  • Incorrect hechicero set – Found at The Craftsman’s Shack in Mt. Gelmir.
  • Alberich set Found in Leyndell, the town near Erdtree. Specifically, the Legacy Dungeon. About three-quarters of the way went through the mazmorra.
  • Hechizo hoja set – Statistical increases for Glinstones’ hechicería. Take the search bar on hechicero Rogiere, but before you force him to convert to Rannis vasallo, Rogier will die and leave his set.

It should provide a solid overall vision of some of the best armor for an astrologer construction in the Elden Ring. Be sure to search on dlprivateserver or see our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and information about the game.

If you have a specific question that you can not find an answer to in any part of the site, do not hesitate to communicate in the comments section further and we will do our best to help.

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