The Belgian Gaming Commission equips casino boxes with bets

The Belgian Gaming Commission intends to ban Loot Boxes and transfer them to the rest of Europe

The Belgian Gaming Commission has dictated that button boxes in games like Overwatch or the latest Star Wars: Battlefront 2 constitute a form of betting.

A study launched last week has already dictated that botanical boxes are “dangerous”. “Make money with betting ads,” the Game Commission told VTM News. “Especially at an early age, it is dangerous for children’s mental health,” Belgian Justice Minister Koen Geens added.

Nobody says that Commission intends to ban bottlenecks in Belgium and plans to ask other European countries to do the same. “Let’s go to Europe to try to stop it,” Geens said.

On the other hand, we have the ESRB (Rating Board for entertainment software) in the United States, which has already jumped into many media outlets that do not consider bottle caps to be a form of betting. “If there is an element of opportunity in these techniques, the player always has a guarantee of receiving something (including if the player inadvertently receives something he does not want),” said an ESRB representative. “We believe it’s a principle similar to collectible card games: sometimes you open a package and get a new card that you’ve wanted for ages, but other times you end up with a package of cards that you already have. . “

So this is a question for everyone, though I have to answer in this very post. Do you as a player think that loot boxes create addiction in any way?

From my humble opinion enganchan and I have passed personally but enganchan as much as you can enganchan them bread rolls. I think it may be compatible with games, but offering something that does not affect playability does not appeal to the business model of a P2W. A regulation on this could be fantastic.

In conclusion, I recommend taking the opinion of former SWTOR developer Damion Schubert on how to implement micropagos in games.

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