The Asset Corsa Competizione will be on display at E3 2018

Asset Corsa Competitionthe new official video game licensed from Blancpain GT Series developed by Kunos Simulazioni and edited by 505 gameswill be shown publicly for the first time during E3 2018 in Los Angeles at the Thrustmaster booth.

Asset Corsa Competition will be available to be tested in a pre-Alpha mode on multiple circuits with two different cars. Fans will be confronted with this mix of content, in addition to the presence of the night / day cycle and Lluvia enjoying the graphic engine for the first time Unreal 4 used for a career simulator.

“It’s a great place to have the opportunity to teach the Assetto Corsa Competizione to the public for the first time, thanks to the collaboration with Thrustmaster and Sparco. For us, it is fundamental to collect comments from the press, from experts in video games and show visitors the following from Assetto Corsa says Marco Massarutto, co-founder, brand and product manager for Kunos Simulazioni.

Virtual corridors, thank you a Thrustmasterwill be summarized in Asset Corsa Competition feel each brothel, then the servo base off dual core brushless motor TS-XW. You can test this team together with the extra wheels Ferrari F488 GT3 y Sparco P310who perfectly replicates his real counterparts, being able to earn prizes.

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Sparco, will unveil its Sparco Evolve Cabins with QRT-Vs, new seats that, thanks to its patented production technology, are 30% lighter than the last generation of products. Hypergrip gloves, which are completely breathable and touch sensitive, will also be available to try on.

“Having the global star of the Kunos Competition Corsa Simulazioni at our booth at E3 2018 – along with the amazing Sparco products – will show our career friends that what motivates us is to help us live realistic and immersive experiences in competition and the e-world. -Sports. ” Dijo Agnès Cornière, Worldwide Marketing Vice President for Thrustmaster.

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