The app “Sadako’s Village Tour” the place you may see “Sadako” tenting solo wwwwww

■From Twitter

Image related to Sadako App AR Camp Shimokitayama-02

Image related to Sadako App AR Camp Shimokitayama-03

Shimokitayama Village Official App “Sadako’s Village Tour-Sadakan in Shimokitayama Village”

Where did the previous scary Sadako disappear to?

Traveling with a fair-skinned sister with lengthy black hair is just too superior

It’s my guess so it helps
i watch movies on a regular basis

Will it will definitely come out of my cellphone display screen?

Named Sada Camp😂

“Sada Can” Grass

Sada Camp wwwwww I need to see Sadako tenting solo wwwwww
Yaruo burst out laughing bang bang

It’s cursed, is not it?
Husband who doesn't do it, denial, sweat

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