“The actual communication barrier will not be ‘an individual who cannot say what they wish to say’, however an individual who’s XX” → People who are suffering deadly accidents one after one other

Resident Evil 4 nonetheless has bugs

The actual communication barrier will not be “people who can’t say what they want to say” however “people who can’t keep silent about what they don’t have to say”.


I’m sorry for being an uncle who at all times says an excessive amount of…

I believe I wasted about two-thirds of my life on it.
I misplaced my associates and my job.

The former is ASD
The latter is ADHD

please cease

actually this…
Then, afterward, I notice I remorse it and really feel sorry for it, and I wish to die.
I wish to repair it without end, however I do not know tips on how to repair it…

That’s it.
Strictly talking, individuals who cannot distinguish between “things that shouldn’t be said” and “things that shouldn’t be said”.

I’m doing each

I’ll do it…
In the primary place, what’s an additional phrase! ? I’m not conscious of it, so I believe it is harmful myself💦

And for some cause, there are occasions after I do not say as a lot as I’ve to.

I wish to repair this, however I can not stand the opposite individual’s response after I say one thing that should not be stated lol
Yaruo PC before Nikka

This man is basically over…

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