The 5-star Hilton Panamá and Alienware hotel has the first games room

A hotel Gaming room at a modest price of 283 € per night. night

No doubt the business models today are the most expensive, they adapt to the needs of the people and cover the requirement of exclusivity and forced purchase of people. The example we have today is of 5-star Hilton Panama hotel which together with Alienware has prepared the market’s first Gaming room.

Room 2425 at the Hilton Panamá has a beautiful view of the beach and is equipped with a 65 inch OLED 4K TVun PC Alienware i7-7800 with a GTX 1080Tiun command Xbox One Elite , Oculus Rifty Alienware laptop connected to a 34-inch ultra-wide screen. If you think this is not enough, do not despair, then also included in the set one deck chair with stools included e RGB lighting. Ah, I forgot that too 2 rooms with logos from the US hardware company, but I’m sure this is the smallest.

Alienware, Hilton Panama

“Ensuring an innovative and differentiating service has been our commitment since our opening in Panama, and this initiative shows how important it is for us to contribute to improving the opportunities to stay in Panama every time, which has a direct impact on the tour offer for locals and foreigners, “said Andres Korngold, director of business development at Hilton Panama.

The venue was inaugurated yesterday, April 19, 2018 and cuesta $ 349 per nightabout 283.96 € per. exchange, nothing unpleasant considering the prices of a normal room at any 5 star hotel in the south of Tenerife.

Alienware, Hilton Panama

Definitely not to mention this type of service, going to a hotel to stay in the room pegándote a viciada far from much of the concept of vacations that people have. But hey, I’m sure someone of interest met a couple of parties before going to the event at the hotel buffet, who knows.

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