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The Shiba Inu community will own more than 15% of Welly, the SHIB-branded fast food restaurant.

The Welly fast food chain announced this as its ultimate benefit to the SHIB community, which also includes the SHIB craving.

Welly has already announced that Shiba Doggy DAO will play a key role in some of its decisions if this is a more concrete statement on how. This is what it means.

Shiba Community to benefit from Welly

As the first and last public service firm announced by Welly, they said: “We are honored to give the decentralized community SHIB a total ownership of 15% of Welly Company”.

It also expanded even more than it means. Welly says this percentage “will be added to a Shiba Welly ticket and will include the profits from all Welly’s activities.”

Doggy DAO will then control the use of these funds and DAO can choose whether SHIB uses this or does whatever it wants instead.

As such, it means that BONE titles, government tokens used in Doggy DAO, will have this feature.

Without a ban, we are still not sure if 15% of the property also means that 15% of the profits go to DAO. We do not know if that means the Shiba community owns 15% of Welly’s shares or can sell them.

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Out of this utility, Welly also announced that it will deduct 2% of SHIB from the company’s net profits as well as franchise rates. Welcome to SHIB using NOWPayments.

A percentage of their net profits will also go to the holders of their next NFTs. These rewards will be awarded to SHIB.

Following the announcement, Shiba’s project manager Shytoshi Kusama Welly defended after comments about the company on Twitter Spaces.

“It’s amazing to hear YouTube users ask why we’re building outside of SHIB with things like Welly and ignoring the 15% that we advertise that will be owned by the SHIB community,” he said in a statement. Pio. “How can it be that this is not a big thing? We can say that it was built without us”.

Welly plans to expand to other locations in the first quarter of 2023 heading for a European capital for an insignia store.

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