That blockbuster, which is said to be Sagrada Familia in the game world, has passed 10 years since the start of Kurafan in October → The amount of money collected so far will be amazing wwww

It’s been 10 years since “Star Citizen” crowdfunding started in October, and the amount collected so far is 494 million dollars

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Multiplayer space strategy simulation game “Star Citizen” is currently under development.It seems that 10 years have passed since the start of crowdfunding for this work in October this year.

The amount of support collected so far is 494 million dollars (approximately 67.6 billion yen).

If the fundraising continues at this pace, the fund will exceed $500 million before reaching its 10th year.said journalist Raj Patel. However, no release date has been set as of now.

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[Space MMORPG under development for 65 billion yen]Introducing many attractions of StarCitizen!

when will it be completed

I keep updating the alpha version all the time

I remember this game was announced before the release of Assassin’s Creed 3 lol

what is it anymore

I’m ignorant, but can I say something? Isn’t it a scam!

Seriously, after 10 years, we still have hundreds of millions of yen in support money! ?
Yaruo PC Surprise Sweat

I guess that’s all they’re looking forward to, but if they’ve collected this much money, I’d like them to release it soon…

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