Terraria – Guide to saving resources in NPC houses

A simple guide on how to reduce the amount of building materials used to build NPC houses.

How to reduce the amount of building materials

Part 1: construction of the external structure

Note: I will use stone platforms and steel bricks because its texture has a square that makes it easy to see the edge of each block.

Let’s start with the basics. Only four tables, nothing special.

This is the only part of the house that will use blocks, the rest will be platforms and walls.

Next, we add platforms around the pages.

If done correctly, the interior space should be 4 × 8 blocks in size.

Part 2 – Interior design

When it comes to walls, a decent amount of blocks can be removed.

This is the minimum Terraria will allow one wall, only 2 blocks!

Next is the table and chair.

You will need to use a workbench, a normal table will not work.

When it comes to lighting, you can use;

an antorcha, or

a lamp.

Each of the two works, but if you use an antorcha, I would recommend that the collar be higher so that it does not break accidentally when working with an NPC.

Part 3: build more common houses

To build more houses together, you can still use more resources and use the wall from the last house as part of a new house.

The newest blocks are marked in green.

Part 4: what really hurts

To compare resources, use the following image as an example.

I will also use the wood as an example material for simplicity and affordability as it is achieved.

So how much does each house cost in total?

  • Izquierda – 18 madera.
  • Derecha – 34 madera.

Note: none of these count the table, light source or chair.

To add up the cost of the table and chair, add 14 to each result.

So if you build more houses, yes, you can save a large amount of resources and make it even easier to add even more houses in the future, in addition you can capture 90% of the building, which means you can lay it any place. unless they get in the way.

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