Tencent does with all of Funcom’s actions

On September 30, 2019, we will announce it Tencent buy el 29% of Funcom’s actions. Let us now know that the Chinese giant is taking virtually the entire company’s participation and passing it on Has a of properties.

According to what we heard in Massivelyop, Funcom announced that Tencent last spring made a voluntary offer to roll out all operations of the Oslo survey, which now means that Funcom will become Tencent property.

“Following the completion of the voluntary offer, Tencent has acquired 77,365,864 shares in the company, representing approximately 95.11% of the company’s shares and votes,” Funcom told its shareholders. He went on to say that Tencent will buy the remaining shares and take Oslo’s stock market back to Funcom.

Funcom ensures that after the acquisition there are no changes in the company’s management, staff or structure, and the company will continue to be an independent company.

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