Tencent continues to “shoot” all sides, now with Bluehole

It seems that Tencent is in talks to buy 10% of Bluehole’s sharesaccording to statements in Wall Street Journal. The Chinese giant continues to extend its temptations to all sides. In this case, you want a chance to participate from one of the most successful developers of the last year thanks to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Tencent wants to be present on all sides

The operation could be suppressed an agreement worth more than $ 500 million, quite the intention that Bluehole’s first investors could withdraw some of their actions. With this purchase, the value of Bluehole would be estimated at more than 5,000 millionaccording to the report: The company was last valued up to $ 3.7 million by private investors.

Tencent will lead the participation of various US venture capital firms

The report also indicated that Tencent, led by the agreement, will include the participation of a number of US venture capital firms. The majority of Bluehole’s existing investors are venture capital firms: it is not known if these will be the shares they are selling.

Bluehole and Tencent are currently maintaining a PUBG exploration agreement in the Chinese market, in addition to the mobile device version of the game. Until now, Tencent was not inclined to buy a stake in Bluehole directlyadded the diary, revealing previous news from several Korean media outlets, including The Korea Herald, which announced a $ 468 million capital injection in Bluehole on behalf of Tencent.

If the operation arrives at a good port, Tencent will struggle with it 10% of Blueholeand in addition with 48% of Epic Games, which received over 330 million in 2012, among many others as Riot games, Supercell, Netmarble games or recently purchased 80% off Grinding Gear Games to name a few. A data far enough away that I could say that in the end, the Chinese will be in full controlespecially with the 2 main Battle Royal games at the moment.

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