Tencent buys Inflexion Games studio

Chinese conglomerate Tencent has acquired Inflexion Games, founded by former BioWare executive Aaryn Flynn.

Inflexion is currently working on Nightingale, a supervisory game set in a Victorian fantasy world. Development of this title will continue, although there will be changes due to the fact that Inflexion is no longer part of Improbable, the company responsible for SpatialOS cloud computing technology.

Unlikely announced last month that others would follow in Google Stadia’s footsteps, rolling back its internal video game development initiatives. This prompted the sale of Inflexion to Tencent.

Flynn explained a GamesIndustry.bizwithout exception, that the study has been working to separate the Improbable technology from Nightingale since last year, and that now the game will be “a more intimate experience, for one player or for a small group of players”.

“We made that decision last summer considering other things we wanted to do with the game. A lot of it was going from a game design standpoint and what we wanted to do.”

“We were inviting more and more elements of our crafting and oversight experience, and we made the decision to ensure that we would enjoy this game and not find ourselves in the long development cycle of many MMOs, what we learned.”

Nightingale, in fact, was initially planted as an online multiplayer RPG, but when it premiered last December, it was redefined as “a crafting and overseeing game with a shared world.”

This world is set in the 19th century, in an alternate version of the Victorian era in which magic has existed for hundreds of years. This magic allowed humanity to create a network of portals to other realms of fantasy.

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