Tencent and Riot Games are suing Moonton and its Mobile Legends clone

Tencent Holdingscompany owned by Riot gameshas received 19.4 million Chinese yuan ($ 2.9 million) in a lawsuit against developers of Mobile Legends in China. Initially, Riot Games sued Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., the developers of the mobile game, through the Central District Court of California. Without hesitation, the case was contested with the argument that another jurisdiction or court would be more convenient for the case.

Tencent demonstrates its ability to defend its assets

Tencent then sued Moonton in Shanghai on behalf of the Riot Games and convicted him in a lawsuit of secrecy and non-compete clause. In the original lawsuit between Riot Games and Moonton, Riot showed a number of comparisons between League of legends y Mobile Legends. These comparisons showed the grades, the descriptions of the skills, the map, and other activities that had many similarities. Magic Rush: Heroes, another Moonton game, was also planted as needed, showing several similarities to the characters in League of Legends.

Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends

An official document from the Intermediate Popular Court No. 1 from Shanghai claimed that Moonton had originally paid 2.6 million Chinese yuan ($ 388,000). The court ruled that this initial agreement was insufficient in value, increasing the amount to 19.4 million yuan. With this phrase, Tencent is gaining even more popularity due to its ability to protect its activists.

On the other hand, Tencent has partnered with the Minhang District and Super Generation Investment to build an international eSports industrial park. Reports show that the Chinese electronic sports market is expected to reach $ 1.5 trillion by 2020, and Tencent looks set to take the plunge to shape this future.

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