Team17 tries to take a step back from its NFT project after criticism

After the huge criticism received yesterday after publisher and developer Team17 announced that iba will launch a range of “environmentally friendly” Worms NFTsthe project was cancelled.

“Team17 today announces the end of the MetaWorms NFT Project,” the company said in his Twitter account. “We have listened to our development partners and our game communities and the concerns they have expressed, and have made the decision to step back into the NFT space.”

The reaction to the announcement of the Worms NFTs was fundamentally negative, and the studies published by Team17 showed their reluctance in the face of the initiative, which had not been notified to them before the announcement.

Team17 is on the list of companies that pulled back on their NFT ads after the controversy generated: Stalker 2 developer did something similarand recently voice actor Troy Baker came under fire for his reaction to criticism.

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