Team17 announces Worms NFTs

Team17 has announced a collaboration with Reality Gaming Group to release a series of NFTs based on Worms.

According to the British company, these “limited edition” NFTs are “environmentally friendly” and part of the profits from their sale will be allocated to the sustainability company NFT Coin 4 Planet.

Por el momento no hay muchas imágenes de estos NFTs, salvo una web,, in which a Worm covered with purpurina is muestra. Also está el MetaWorms Discordbut todo parece estar todava en construcción y apointa a anuncio apresurado.

Sin embargo, el anuncio se ha visto envuelto de certa polemica. According to Eurogamer, many company employees knew nothing about the plans for this controversial initiative, and they found out about it along with the media. Otros, que sí sábyan de estos planes (but only after signing the collaboration agreement), showed their disagreement, but were ignored by the directive.

The response on social media was overwhelmingly negative from fans, prompting Team17 to send out a new statement in which they assured that “we are licensing the Worms brand to our new third-party partner so they can produce collectible digital art based on one of the IPs more amadas of the independent games, forma parecida al merchandising ya available in físico”.

También han clarified that “Team17 does not intend to introduce NFTs or game-winning NFT mechanics in any of the indie titles.”

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