Tax accountant “I should have canceled Rakuten Mobile, but I was charged only for the option fee…” → There was a reason for this even though there were voices of fraud!

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This is the reason why the option fee is charged all the time

Rakuten Mobile Cancellation Option Billing Reason Device Warranty Images related to AppleCare-02

I wondered what kind of option it was, and it was a smartphone warranty, so it wouldn’t be strange.

Rakuten has an option, so when I was in AppleCare at Softbank before, it was canceled without saying yes or no, so this one is even better.

In the first place, if it is “cancellation”, “cancellation of all services” is the default w
Why can you decide that you need a xoop after canceling the Rakuten mobile phone?
It’s usually a complete cancellation…

Similarly, major carriers (docomo, au, etc.) are also options that cannot be canceled unless they self-report the terminal warranty option.
So, if you don’t cancel before the cancellation, it will continue.

However, you need to be careful because you will not be able to receive the warranty if you cancel.

Talk about knowing exactly what you’re contracting

Recently, there are also ways to use sim-free
If you cancel without permission, there will be people who will complain about it 😅

This is exactly what this person said!
Consumers started to say things like “two-year restrictions are not good”, so contracts for terminal separation and contracts without restrictions started.
I complain because I don’t understand myself.
After all, everyone wants to complain
I hope more people will understand…

It’s true that the number of SIM-free people has increased, and it’s a great option.
I feel like hitting Rakuten is something wrong.
yaruo pc hmm hand on chin

Isn’t it written on the screen when you cancel the contract?
Well, there are some things that I don’t read properly, but w

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