Takahiro Sakurai, consultant work"that famous character"will lastly drop out…

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Voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, who was discovered to have an extramarital affair, will drop the position of the brand new animation … I’m nervous in regards to the current work

Movie model “Mononoke” particular video / fifteenth anniversary challenge ban PV

Takahiro Sakurai stepping down mononokai drug dealer voice actor cast change image related to movie-02

[CAST] Medicine vendor: Takahiro Sakurai


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Takahiro Sakurai stepping down Mononokai drug dealer voice actor cast change image related to movie-03

“Mononoke theatrical version”, which was scheduled to be launched in 2023,Postpone the discharge dateI’m going to allow you to do it. I’m sorry.

once moreChange the solid of the drug supplierI made a decision to do

“Mononoke theatrical version” is the stageMoving to Ooku, I’m attempting to depict the struggling and aid of ladies.

Decisions from the standpoint of the standard of the workturns into. We apologize to all of the followers,

I’d recognize it if you happen to might assist me with out change. Regarding the discharge date of the film model and the brand new solid,

We will let you recognize in the summertime.

All the workers will proceed to push ahead with the manufacturing of the work, so please look forward to some time till the preparations are full.

It’s over…I can not say

No, uh, yeah…no…that is, uhm.

No, if you concentrate on the content material, you possibly can’t assist it, I feel it is a courageous resolution. This is all…
But, ahhh… I assumed Sakurai-san was the one drugs vendor, so it is painful…;;

Mr. Sakurai’s idiot! It’s time to take turns! ! I used to be trying ahead to the pharmacy (´・ω・`) It’s a pity.I needed to see Sakurai-san’s pharmacy.

I’m fairly upset as a result of it was a long-awaited new work.

Hmm… it is unlucky however I suppose it might’t be helped…

Even although he knew it could not be helped, Mr. Sakurai favored Mr. Sakurai’s voice…

No… effectively… I do know… however… there will need to have been individuals who had been membership followers as a result of it was Mr. Sakurai…
Somehow…it is not very unhappy…
I perceive… however anyway, it is a disappointing feeling…

If it is like this, I do not suppose it is good that the film did not begin from the start.

Nice, you possibly can change demon slayer and magic like this

The precise reverse of ladies’s salvation w

If the content material is to save lots of girls, then that individual is unquestionably out… a smart resolution.

I actually really feel unhealthy for Takahiro Sakurai

I’m sorry, however I can not assist it.

It cannot be helped if the theme is girls’s salvation…
I feel it is a smart move to alter voice actors.

Sakurai wasn’t allowed in any case…

Good good! Mr. Sakurai, what are you doing?
It was not allowed in any respect ah ah ah! What’s extra, the postponement of the discharge is inflicting a lot bother!

A narrative of the struggling and aid of the ladies of Ooku…
Well, it is inconceivable to let Sakurai-san do it…

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Release date: 2022-05-11
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