Switch, “Splatoon 3” sells explosively → PS5, behind it quietly knocks out sales that are too dangerous …

Switch sales grab 98% market share in Japan last week

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Released on September 9, 2022“Splatoon 3” exceeded 3.45 million sales in 3 days from release. It was the highest number of domestic sales in the three days after the release of software for Nintendo Switch, but it seems that the number of Switch sales in the same week was also a big record.

According to data compiled by Famitsu,Switch sells 182,876 units in the week of September 5-11.

on the other hand2,864 PlayStation 5 / 459 XboxBecause it wasSwitch’s market share in Japan this week is 98% of the totalwas found to have reached

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Stop graphing wwww

Switch accounts for 98% of the game consoles sold in Japan…

Nintendo seems to be in control

Is it okay to raise the price of PS5?

Too many switches sold! !

I know the Xbox won’t sell, but it’s too bad that the PS5 won’t sell 3000 units

splatoon effect

Mr. PS5… When FF16 comes out, it will be sold out, right?
This is the calm before the storm, right?
Yaruo Uwaaaaa

Splatoon 3 will still sell out and it’s really amazing
Switch with excellent software is worth buying the main unit
PS5 is …..
Husband who does not do counter smile

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