[Super good news]Last yr’s very talked-about “Priconne! Grand Masters” will be distributed again for a limited time! ! Numerous updates such as adding new characters!

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God recreation is right here!

God recreation once more. Retained with out deletion for 1 yr

The return of the god recreation is simply too scorching! !

It was a wasteful high quality to finish with April Fool’s jokes, and I need it to be formally distributed.

I suppose it is inconceivable, however… make it everlasting… please… there aren’t many god video games like this…

I’m begging you. I’ll pay you correctly, so purchase it and launch it.

I’ve by no means performed Pre-connection, however this man is an effective recreation that I cleared.

A recreation that’s too humorous and time melts at an inconceivable stage

I feel that even individuals who do not know something about this Puri-Kon are actually enjoyable, and I’m actually hooked on it.

This is significantly a god recreation so everybody who sees this could actually do it

It’s auto chess utilizing Prikone characters that had been delivered for a restricted time as final yr’s April Fool’s joke.
The god recreation grew to become a scorching subject due to its extreme enjoyable, and even individuals who did not learn about Priconne had been hooked on it.
Princess Connect Grandmasters April Fool Auto Chess related images-02

I’ll pay you cash, so please make it everlasting
please, please
Princess Connect Grandmasters April Fool Auto Chess related images-03

[ Exclusive]Princess Connect! Re:Dive PRICONNE CHARACTER SONG 32 (with mega jacket + jacket sample sticker)

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Lucrea Princess Connect! Re: Dive Shizuru (Summer) 1/7 Complete Figure

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