Subscriptions are “the best and easiest way” to access the games

Electronic Arts decides that Netflix must support third-party video games

And the news carousel continues Electronic artthat during the presentation for the fourth quarter of the financial year 2018, CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke about the company’s plans for subscription services.

The editor, which already offers EA Access and Origin Access for PS4 and Xbox One, plans to “introduce a new offering” in one of its subscription programs that offer “unprecedented access and value.”

Wilson also mentioned that the entire organization believes that from three to five years, the games in the cloud will contribute “significantly” to the way players interact with the players. This will allow users not to be required to purchase a device designed to enjoy a game that will already exist in the cloud and be available on any platform. It means that EA is also going to work, so most of its games are designed in a way that can be experimented with on different devices. It was also commented that the editor could “interact with people and work with their own technology” to achieve this goal.

According to Wilson, EA sees “a real step toward subscription,” which is the “best and easiest way to access content.” Although they plan to continue offering their games through all the business models that players want, they hope to move on to subscriptions as they have done in other industries.. This will ensure that the subscription services become part of the “much more meaningful” part of the business.

In addition, “first line content” (new games) will be converted to an important part of the offered content, and EA could “work in collaboration with other content creators, developers and editors” to ensure that they have “a subscription offer really solid” .

Jørgensen added that it is safe to assume that Electronic Arts’ subscription strategy “will develop rapidly” and that between this year and next we will start to see new things coming to the services, which could potentially become new games soon, ” , first line titles. ”In addition, the editor wants to add more“ social pages ”and more tools to the platform.

I highly recommend Electronic art wants to launch its own Netflix for video games with social tools for interaction between users and supported with third-party content.

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