Subculture Writer “There are criticisms about the sales situation of “ PS5 ”, but Sony’s game machine is originally struggling in Japan.

Is the PS5, which has raised the price by 5,000 yen even though it’s hard to see in stores, a “failure hardware” straight line?


According to the article

・”PS5″ has increased in price by about 10% (5500) from September 15th.

・It’s been affected by the global price hike, but it’s almost two years since its launch in November 2020, but I haven’t seen it in stores in Japan.Perhaps because of the price change in the midst of continued shortages, there are some harsh criticisms on the internet and in media articles.

・Regarding this “price increase”, when summing up the “voices of anger” of Japanese game fans,“I understand the reason for the price increase, but I’m not convinced that the price was raised without a chance to buy it.” is””And so on.

PS5 failed hard?There are voices and reports thatIn the current situation where it is difficult to supply and the market has not been fully expanded, it seems that it can be said that it is a “failure”.

・However, if you think about it carefullyOriginally, Sony’s game machines tended to struggle in JapanYou can also think.

PS4 and PS3 have sold only about half of PS2 in Japan (about 10 million units), and if PS2’s domestic shipments of 20 million units are considered “success”, the evaluation of PS3 and PS4 in Japan must be strict.

・Based on the sales situation of other hardware and the future sales situation,At this point, I think it’s a bit premature to cut out only a part of the numbers and simply call it “failed hardware.”

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