Stunlock Studios announces Battle Season 1 and Battle Pass for IP Battlerite

Hi Stunlock Studios announced the founding of BATTLE PASS as part of a major update for the entire franchise along with the free launch of Battlerite Royale, scheduled for February 19th. All players will have access to free fightingwhich will be able to update the Premium battlefield for more game content and other benefits.

Premium Pass owners can earn Battle Stars to level up on their Battle Pass and unlock new cosmetic rewards, including masks, emotes, weapons, clothing, experience upgrades, avatars, sponsored content and more. The Premium Pass update will cost 950 Gemas / Diamonds in the game’s currency or € 9.49 if purchased through the XSOLLA market.

The free match pass with fewer rewards will also be available as long as players update to the Premium version, as if that were not the case, and will include season content. By connecting both games, Battle Pass maintains progress so players can switch between the two titles. Along with the battlefield comes a renewed season system that begins with “Battle Season 1”, which will resume seasons in Battlerite, as well as the classification tables in Battlerite Royale and will last ten weeks.

More details on the official website.

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