Studio Ghibli Suzuki Toshio falls in love with a Thai girl, hazard of inner collapse because of public-private confusion

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Since around 2013, Mr. Suzuki has fallen in love with Mr. Kanyada, a Thai woman who he fell in love with at first sight, and has completely fallen in love with her.Suzuki, who was contacted by her who returned to Thailand, gave money to Mr. Kanyada, a single mother, so that he could become independent, and Mr. Kanyada opened a spa and restaurant in Thailand. didn’t last long. However, at that time it was Suzuki-san’s pocket money, so it was still good.”

But little by little, the boundaries between private and non-private disappear.

“In 2018, we are going to create a Ghibli-certified restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, and entrust the administration of it to Mr. Kanyada. We shall be releasing an official picture e-book, however we are going to appoint Mr. Kanyada, who has no expertise with cameras, as Ghibli’s official photographer.”

Eventually, Ghibli will get concerned and begins to help Mr. Kanyada. Naturally, the encircling gazes in the direction of Suzuki are chilly.

It is claimed that it was President Hoshino who complained about Suzuki’s recklessness, which was getting worse 12 months by 12 months.

“At one level, Mr. Hoshino mentioned to me, ‘Mr. Suzuki, please separate your public and private life.’ Suzuki didn’t appear to love this. Mr. Hoshino, who was appointed because the successor subsequent to him, was faraway from the president.

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If you learn what’s incorrect with being hooked on ladies, it is actually unhealthy.
Please make this an issue sooner.

I believed it was a accusatory article, nevertheless it looks like a severe case with fairly a particular instance

I used to be questioning why Ghibli restaurant in Thailand?

Used as an illustration for an exhibition

Studio Ghibli Toshio Suzuki Thai woman mistress

↑ This is horrible…
Do you realize Hayao?

I’m wondering how the workers at Zuburi really feel about getting used as an image drawn randomly by their Thai lover

Toshio Suzuki requested his mistress, a Thai girl, to take photographs of the Ghibli Museum. Is it okay to make use of beginner photographs? If you concentrate on it, it is bought below the theme of “Children’s eyes that adults forgot” w
As anticipated of a gifted P, he appears to have the ability to say issues

I’m supplying you with my actual title and specifics, so it is all true.

It’s extra private than I believed, wow
too bizarre

Why is it that as you become old, folks from the Philippines, Thailand, and Southeast Asia
There should be lots of outdated males who like ladies

↑Because he is variety and mild, and accepts the Showa values ​​of masculinity and femininity.

by no means combine private and non-private

Tell Hayao first

This is the top for Suzuki.
However, Phayao, who uncared for Suzuki’s runaway, is absolutely ineffective.

The high is a typical outdated Showa period supervisor who surrounds his mistress and wields his firm’s work.
Don’t name your self a liberal anymore

74 years outdated? That’s the one approach she will be able to reside.Let’s do it

It’s the time of twilight when Ghibli is about to shut down.
Hayao and Toshio are doing no matter they need

I’m an individual who likes Ghibli however hates Toshio Suzuki, and I’ve at all times mentioned that Toshio Suzuki is overrated, so this scandal is not any shock.
This is what Toshio Suzuki, who as soon as dismantled Ghibli’s manufacturing division and laid off all animators, is doing.

I assume the truth that this text was printed implies that it is okay for Ghibli to chop it.
If it is true that it is this unhealthy, then even if in case you have a monitor file prior to now, it is nothing however most cancers…

This man goes to launch a film known as “How do you live?”

Are you loopy about ladies on the age of 74…
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

It’s too unhappy that Ghibli’s finish is like this…
Studio Ghibli Toshio Suzuki Thai Woman Mistress Images related to public-private confusion-04

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