“Street Fighter 6” beta test will be held for 3 days from October 7th! In addition, His Excellency Demon appears in the AI ​​commentary wwww

■ From TGS2022 Capcom Broadcasting

SF6 Street Fighter 6 Demon Kogure Beta test related images-02
Closed beta test from October 7th to 10th
It takes place on PC (Steam), PS5 and Xbox.

SF6 Street Fighter 6 Demon Kogure Beta test related images-03
His Excellency Demon Kogure Appears in AI Commentary

Other playable characters Ken, Dhalsim, Blanka, and E.Honda will be participating!

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In addition, a special program of Street Fighter 6 will also be broadcast

As a former professional gamer, I wonder if the time has come to get serious.
Yaruo Doya Gao Lever Gacha

How far can you go with your uncle’s reflexes? w
Husband who doesn't do it Hojihoji

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