Stray – Có clavar la pelota de baloncesto

Part of the fun of Stray is in all the little activities and missions that you can take part in. You are under investigation cómo encestar la pelota de baloncesto en Straythis is all you need to know.

This will go over where to find the basketball, how to launch it, and what to do if you fail the first time.

If you are playing the game for yourself and you are thinking about personalizing the cat or how to guard the progress, this is what you should know. It’s not what you’re looking for, it’s what you need to know about the apartment door code or whether the game is open world or not.

How to hit the basketball in Stray

Antes de encestar la pelota de baloncesto, tienes que encontrarla. Ve a Slums and conoce a The Guardian. After talking to them, turn right and you will see a basketball at the top of the ramp. No lo toques todavía. Be aware of your surroundings and find the small container at the bottom of the ramp. The key to wetting the basketball is to gently touch it to allow it to slide against the container.

Golpéalo de frente para que ruede cuesta abajo. No lo golpee demasiado fuerte or puede fallar o botar en otro place. If this shot falls, no puede sacar la pelota de baloncesto de la papelera. That said, with the configuration of the autosave system, you can close the game and open it again to go back a minute or so and do it again. This puede significar volver a presentarte a The Guardian, but is likely que valga la pena por el trofeo.

How does the Stray Save system work?

Technically, the shift system can change at any time. If enough fans complain, it is possible to offer a more robust security system. Dicho esto, parece funcionar bien hasta ahora. Instead of having a manual shift system, the game is based on frequent automatic shifts. In general, there is an area like the slums, but it is not a shift that has passed another ritmo de la history. This means that any progress made in parallel activities will not be maintained immediately after the game.

This limitation is also good in a sense. You allow yourself to try to misiones y te da una idé clara de dónde se guardarán. Si necesita terminarlo por la noche y apagar la PlayStation o la PC, simplemente advance al suuiente momento de la history y debiere resolverse solo. Electric game is not very big, since you have to try to do what needs to be done more and more active.

If you can find more options, you can recommend that you can consult your Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition codex. It’s not that kind of thing, it’s worth taking a look at all the cats in Neko Atsume.

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