Steam Deck fixes a drift issue in a software update and increases its production speed

Yesterday, the first questions about the Steam Deck appeared on the Internet, and were to be seen with its analog sticks, this would cause a small drift similar to Nintendo’s iconic hybrid console.

Valve spoke out about this, explained that Steam Deck lever drift must have been an issue with the software, and fixed it in a system update.

The first Steam Deck units began shipping last February 28 to users who needed to make their first reservations. Those who are still waiting to receive your email, however, are of enhorabuena: in conversation with IGN, one of Valve’s engineers explains that he expects production to increase “very quickly”, reaching “tens of thousands of units produced quickly”. In month two, expect to have hundreds of thousands of consoles hitting the market and growing even faster than ever.

It is also confirmed that Valve is happy with the number of units reserved.

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